Jason Segel has come a long way from the funny days as loved-up Marshall Eriksen in How I Met Your Mother and nowhere is this more apparent than in his portrayal of novelist David Foster Wallace in The End Of The Tour.

The End Of The TourJesse Eisenberg as David Lipsky and Jason Segal as David Foster Wallace in The End Of The Tour

James Ponsoldt’s biopic of the tortured genius was met with rave reviews when it debuted at the sundance festival last winter and was praised for its impeccable depiction of the pained author wrestling with his future as his heavily lauded debut novel, Infinite Jest, pushed him into an abyss of fame.

Based on journalist David Lipsky’s account of five days with Wallace on the book's promotion trail, Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself, Segel is brilliant as the talented author permanently on the defensive against Jesse Eisenberg’s Lipsky who is memorised by his interviewee’s talent.

Segel presents Wallace as the uncomfortable, low-key yet charming individual the real man was said to be; however, his demons are clear in the movie just as in real life with Wallace killing himself two years before the publication of Lipsky’s book.

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Wallace’s estate has categorically said that his family members "have no connection with neither endorse nor support" The End Of The Tour but viewers can decide how they feel on July, 31 when it is set for limited release in the US.

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