Funnyman Jason Segel's quirky humour is all thanks to his mother's unorthodox parenting techniques - she had odd ways of punishing her young son.
The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star's mum would make her son watch depressing movies like Being There if he wanted to skip school and she once humiliated him after he was caught stealing a kiss from a classmate on a cinema trip.
Segel recalls, "It was right during puberty time... and you're in a darkened theatre, so I ended up kissing the girl sitting next to me, who was in my class and I got in trouble, I got suspended.
"When I came home my mom wouldn't speak to me but she had drawn pictures of me everywhere with the word 'Pervert' underneath.
"I had a little of that growing up and it makes you funny - I promise."
But he adds, "I also wore a Superman cape under my clothes until I was 12 years old... In my little kid brain, it was just in case."