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1st October 2015

Quote: "I think a lot about how I felt when I was a kid... I was six foot, four inches since I was 12. Kids used to stand around me in a circle and one by one they would jump on my back and then the rest would chant, 'Ride the oaf, ride the oaf...' I had a lot of really uncomfortable feelings when I was a kid and I think that by talking about that and writing about that, it means they don't have to be lonely feelings... I talk to kids about their fears and it turns out a lot of kids are afraid of being made fun of by their friends." Actor and writer Jason Segel loves to share his childhood fears in his Nightmares! books.

12th August 2015

Quote: "I swore I would never look at another Hot Pocket, but then I told this story somewhere, and Hot Pockets reached out and said they would like to give me free Hot Pockets!" Actor Jason Segel is contemplating taking the snack food firm up on their offer after telling the press he feasted on the microwave sandwiches to pile on the pounds for his role as author and essayist DAVID FOSTER WALLACE in new film THE END OF THE TOUR.

12th August 2015

Quote: "I brought a picture of David Beckham to the barber... I asked him to, 'Give me the Beckham'." Actor Jason Segel modelled his new hairstyle on the British soccer icon.

5th August 2015

Quote: "It's unbelievable - you have, like, really complicated, sensitive artists treating themselves like UFC fighters. You feel like at some point somebody might physically snap." Funnyman Jason Segel on pals like Paul Rudd playing movie superheroes.

4th August 2015

Quote: "I gained about 40 pounds. The first week is fun and then after that every week feels like Thanksgiving night, like you're just done. You have no energy and by the end, I was running out of time, I had about two weeks left, so I put myself on a hot pocket diet, which was two hot pockets every three hours. It was horrible..." Actor Jason Segel did not enjoy the diet he put himself on to gain weight for his role as author and essayist DAVID FOSTER WALLACE in THE END OF THE TOUR.

4th August 2015

Quote: "(Filmmaker) Judd Apatow was producing a show with us and he thought it would be a good idea to have him live in my house with me in a studio apartment and so I would wake up in the morning and there would be Kevin Hart in his boxers, cooking breakfast and one of my prize possessions I still have is a cheque that's a signed Kevin Hart phone bill for $8. He was fantastic, very respectable." Jason Segel once lived with comedian KEVIN HART while they were shooting a TV show.

1st August 2015

Quote: "I had a recurring nightmare about witches eating my toes from ages eight to 14. I think it's because when you're a baby, adults stand over your crib and tell you they're going to eat your toes. This is very terrifying." Actor Jason Segel suffered frequent nightmares as a kid.

9th September 2014

Fact: Actor Jason Segel teamed up with U.S. Tv host Jimmy Fallon to take on members of his house band, hip-hop group The Roots, in a fun game of Family Fortunes during an appearance on The Tonight Show STARRING Jimmy Fallon on Monday (08Sep14). Comedian-turned-game show host Steve Harvey moderated the segment, which The Roots won.

16th July 2014

Quote: "Two years ago, this is when I stopped tweeting, I'll set the scene... It was 2 a.m. and I was hungry. So, I went to my kitchen, and I had a choice between a burrito and a sandwich. I chose to make a sandwich. It was delightful... So I innocently tweeted, 'Sandwiches are more diverse than burritos'. For the next, like, day and a half, it was a firestorm of debate. 'You're an idiot!' 'You don't know about burritos!' And I said, 'I do know about burritos, if they get too diverse, they're a wrap!'" Actor Jason Segel quit Twitter.com after becoming involved in a heated debate about food.

17th April 2014

Quote: "Jason and I are, like, naked together. You don't wanna be with a dude that's a total skeebag. You have to be with somebody you trust. We really just had a great partnership." Cameron Diaz on being comfortable in provocative scenes with co-star Jason Segel in their upcoming film, Sex Tape. The two previously co-starred in 2011's Bad Teacher.

31st March 2014

Fact: How I Met Your Mother co-stars Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel served up a musical treat for fans during a recent taping of industry talk show Inside The Actors Studio by breaking into an impromptu duet of Les Miserables tune Confrontation. The pair had previously performed a brief rendition of the song in 2006 on America's The Megan Mullally Show.

7th March 2014

Quote: "We both had each other's backs. Our day was, 'My a** is going to be in your face and your package is going to be in my face!' " Cameron Diaz on filming saucy scenes for her new comedy Sex Tape with Jason Segel .

21st October 2013

Fact: Actor Jason Segel showed off a svelte new look in Boston, Massachusetts on Wednesday (16Oct13) as he stepped out during a break in filming new comedy Sex Tape. The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star, who previously touted a chubby frame, was noticeably slimmer after spending his summer (13) getting into shape for the raunchy role, in which he and Cameron Diaz play a married couple sent into a panic as it tries to track down a missing sex tape.

30th April 2013

Fact: The Muppets star Jason Segel was on the same high school basketball team as sportsman Jason Collins, who became the first U.S. male professional athlete to 'come out' as gay on Monday (29Apr13). The two Jasons were teammates at Westlake Harvard High School in Studio City, California in 1996.

20th June 2012

Quote: "Emily's really capable of anything. I'm in awe of everything she can do. She can be elegant, she can be a tomboy, she can be funny, she can be serious, but you always believe what she's doing... it astounds me." Actor Jason Segel is impressed with fellow screen star Emily Blunt after working with her on the set of How I Met Your Mother.

13th June 2012

Quote: "You deserve more than just somebody who's nice to you. So often these days, niceness seems like it should be enough because it seems like such a rare quality but... What about these other things? Life is too short and too c**ppy to not try to get more of what you want." Michelle Williams wants more in a partner than just a nice guy. The actress is reportedly dating funnyman Jason Segel.

1st June 2012

Quote: "I've opened for Maroon 5. My best friend is Adam Levine." Funnyman Jason Segal on getting musical onstage.

18th April 2012

Quote: "I think I would just very much like to be happy. That's about all I have to say about it." Jason Segel remains coy about reports he's dating actress Michelle Williams.

7th March 2012

Quote: "Jason was happy to get that thing out at all times. He seems to be very willing." Actress Emily Blunt admits her pal Jason Segel loves to get naked. The funnyman strips off for a full-frontal scene in their upcoming romantic comedy The Five-year Engagement.

29th February 2012

Fact: Jason Segel and Emily Blunt's new romantic comedy The Five-year Engagement will open this year's Tribeca Film Festival in New York on 18 April (12).

24th January 2012

Fact: Actor Jason Segel has been named by Harvard University students as 2012's Hasty Pudding Man of the Year. The funnyman will be part of the drama club's wacky annual festivities and receive his honour on 3 February (12). Claire Danes was unveiled as this year's (12) Woman of the Year on Monday (23Jan12), and will head to Cambridge, Massachusetts for her prizegiving on Thursday (26Jan12).

27th November 2011

Quote: "I'm just so happy that there's a context now. At least it's my job. Before, I was just an unemployed guy with creepy puppets everywhere." Jason Segel on landing his dream role as the creator and star of the new Muppets movie.

25th November 2011

Quote: "When a lady does nudity, it's, like, safety, but, for some reason, my naked body is hilarious." Comedian Jason Segel on baring all in his films.

25th November 2011

Quote: "I believe Bret MCKenzie should be nominated for an Academy Award for a song called Man or Muppet." Jason Segel is campaigning for the Flight of the Conchords comedian to land a Best Song Oscar for his theme in The Muppets.

14th November 2011

Tweet: "Landed in NY and someone took my bag by mistake. He is going to be confused when he opens it and finds a Jason Segel Muppet." Funnyman Jason Segel, who stars in new movie The Muppets, suffered a luggage mix-up in New York on Sunday (13Nov11).

27th December 2010

Quote: "It's very comfortable when I meet the woman - because we've got that outta the way. It's weird when I meet her parents and they're like, 'Hey, loved Sarah Marshall!' We all know what that means." Actor Jason Segel on his full-frontal scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

2nd December 2010

Fact: Emily Blunt and Ricky Gervais have joined the star-studded cast of funnyman Jason Segel's upcoming MUPPETS movie. Jack Black, Zach Galifianakis and Billy Crystal are also among the actors making appearances in the new feature, currently shooting in Los Angeles.

16th March 2010

Fact: Hollywood funnyman Jason Segel will play the human lead in the next MUPPETS movie.

29th December 2009

Quote: "I just get up there in a tuxedo with a keyboard and sing, like, five songs." Funnyman Jason Segel on his musical career. The I Love You, Man star will support Maroon 5 onstage in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve (31Dec09).

2nd April 2009

Quote: "I drive a Vespa, and once I made the mistake of taking the thing on the freeway. I have never felt closer to death in my life. People think a big guy on a Vespa is kinda cute when you're on a regular street. On the freeway they're just annoyed at you." Actor Jason Segel on his daredevil pastime.

11th October 2008

Quote: "I got to wrestle Lou Ferrigno. It was just unbelievable and the coolest thing ever. Occasionally he still refers to himself as HULK, which is pretty fantastic and a little weird in just a great way." Jason Segel on working with THE Incredible Hulk star Ferrigno in new movie I LOVE YOU MAN.

16th September 2008

Quote: "I was so happy this year when that young kid from FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL got all the questions about his penis. I wanted to say, 'Thanks, mate. Now me and my penis can be moving on.'" Ewan McGregor is glad he can hand over the title of full-frontal movie star to U.S. funnyman Jason Segel.

23rd April 2008

Quote: "The kids would gather around me in a circle, someone would jump on my back and everyone would chant, 'Ride the oaf! Ride the oaf!' It's not so sad. It's when I became funny." FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL writer/actor Jason Segel found an upside to being six-foot, two-inches (1.9 metres) tall at just 12 years old.

21st April 2008

Quote: "She had tears of embarrassment streaming down her face." Actor Jason Segel's mother didn't like scenes in FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL in which her son was completely naked.

4th April 2008

Quote: "I was making out with this woman, and my shirt was off, and she leaned over and in a really cute, girly voice, went, 'Hey, fatty!'" Comedian Jason Segel recalls a painful moment from his past.

4th April 2008

Quote: "The MPAA (Motion Picture Association Of America) rule is that it's an R rating as long as it's flaccid. But it was very important to me that it not be completely flaccid. So it's an exercise in finding the right level of appropriateness." Actor Jason Segel worried about how his manhood would look in a nude scene in new movie FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL, while the studio was more concerned with avoiding an NC-17 rating that prohibits film fans under the age of 17 seeing movies.

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