Theo Hutchcraft was almost booted out of the Brit Awards for being ''rowdy''.

The Hurts singer revealed he was close to being ejected from the annual pop music awards for ''heckling'' a group of politicians as well as hosts Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly back in February.

Speaking exclusively to BANG showbiz, Theo confessed: ''I nearly got thrown out of the Brits this year. I was a bit miffed about that. It was for being too rowdy at the table. I was sat with Jason Statham. We were sat right next to a table of politicians who were drinking champagne and I was like, 'Why are they there? Why the f**k are they there?'

''The guy said if you don't calm down you're gonna get thrown out. It was just very serious where we were sat. And I was like heckling Ant and Dec and it was fine. I'm sure they're a laugh Ant and Dec. Imagine in 2015 getting thrown out of the Brits for having a laugh.''

Hurts - which also features Adam Anderson - release their third studio album 'Surrender' on Friday (09.10.15) and despite it being an ode to pop music, the singer isn't sure they'll be nominated for an award at the 2016 ceremony.

Theo mused: ''Going to the Brits is like being a wedding crasher. We've got no stress at the Brits because we don't get nominated. The NME Awards are fun because everyone's like that. You're not gonna get kicked out of the NME Awards. Everyone's trying to out-drink each other.''

But the well dressed singer still thinks the annual event is ''spectacular''.

He added: ''The Brits is spectacular. I love the Brits because it was my reference point as a kid for awards and all those classic moments. Like The KLF fired a gun into the crowd. And they didn't get kicked out and I nearly got kicked out for shouting.''