Jason Statham is set to return in another explosive action thriller in the form of 'Mechanic: Resurrection', the sequel to 2011's 'The Mechanic'. More death-defying stunts and creative assassinations lace this new adventure, which has been directed by Dennis Gansel and co-written by Philip Shelby ('Survivor').

Jason StathamJason Statham returns in 'Mechanic: Resurrection'

If Jason Statham isn't toting a pistol, performing foolhardy feats or getting involved in a car chase, it's not really a Jason Statham film. Luckily, he's back doing what he does best in 'Mechanic: Resurrection', alongside a whole new cast including Jessica Alba and Tommy Lee Jones.

Watch the trailer for 'Mechanic: Resurrection' here:


Arthur Bishop (Statham) turned his back on his career as a gang mechanic (hitman) after he was forced to kill his partner turned adversary Steve in probably one of his most elaborate 'accidents' in which he almost died himself. Now he favours a quiet life trying to win the affections of Gina (Jessica Alba) - that is until she is kidnapped by the employees of a man called Crain (Sam Hazeldine), who wants to get even.

In order to get his would-be girlfriend back, Bishop must carry out four assassinations in 36 hours. One of the targets is an arms dealer named Max Adams (Tommy Lee Jones), but Bishop isn't willing to follow orders from Crain and fakes Adams' death as he enlists him to help rescue Gina.

Jason Statham and Jessica AlbaJessica Alba plays Arthur Bishop's new love interest Gina

Dennis Gansel ('The Wave')  takes over from Simon West as director in this new installment which sees Statham's character get ever more sophisticated with his professional 'accidents', including one episode as seen in the trailer where he shatters the bottom of a vertiginous swimming pool with the target in it.

Sam HazeldineSam Hazeldine from 'Peaky Blinders' plays Bishop's newest foe Crain

'It's always nice to revisit a familiar character and put him in a unique world', Statham said of starring in the movie. 'Especially Arthur. He's a man with a moral compass. He left the business and we find him in a different place in his life, but things don't sit very well for him, or for the people around him.'

Jason Statham has also completed filming on 'Fast 8', which is out in 2017, and he's also set to star in crime TV series 'Viva La Madness' and deep sea sci-fi horror 'Meg' which also stars Ruby Rose and Rainn Wilson.

'Mechanic: Resurrection' is set to hit theaters on Friday (August 26th 2016).

Tommy Lee JonesTommy Lee Jones is arms dealer Max Adams in 'Mechanic: Resurrection'