It seems Jack Sparrow has found a new enemy as Javier Bardem, who has played many memorable bad guy roles, is reportedly set to star in the fifth instalment of Disney's 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchise as the villain.

Javier bardem
Bardem could be the villain in the fifth 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movie 

According to The Wrap, the Spanish actor is in "early talks" to star alongside Johnny Depp, who is returning as Jack Sparrow, and Geoffrey Rush as Captain Barbosa, as the antagonist in 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.'

The upcoming production is slated for a five month-long shoot in Australia next year, and Javier is allegedly going to play a ghost captain looking for revenge as he blames Capt. Jack Sparrow for the death of his brother.

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It is worth noting that Javier may have become interested in the fifth 'Pirates' movie due to his wife Penelope Cruz, who starred in 2011's 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,' as Sparrow's love interest.

The 45 year-old actor isn't a rookie when it comes to playing villainy. As well as his memorable performance as Silva in the last James Bond movie 'Skyfall,' Javier also won an Oscar for his flawless portrayal of Anton Chigurh in 2007's 'No Country for Old Men.'

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But can he bring a new type of evil to the blockbuster franchise, which has grossed $3.7 billion worldwide?

Jerry Bruckheimer will return to produce 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5,' which Disney hope to release in July 2017.