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11th April 2014

Fact: Actress Charlize Theron has been confirmed to star in boyfriend Sean Penn's upcoming movie The Last Face alongside Javier Bardem. Penn will direct the film, which will centre on two doctors (Theron and Bardem) working in refugee camps in Africa.

9th November 2012

Quote: "There is something organic to the words, and when you are speaking a language that is not your mother tongue, words can be misunderstood. You need to have the emotional knowledge." Javier Bardem on having the script for new Bond movie Skyfall translated into Spanish so he could better understand his villainous character Raoul Silva.

24th October 2012

Fact: Bond villain Javier Bardem turned eco-warrior at the world premiere of Skyfall in London on Tuesday (23Oct12) by wearing a recycled tuxedo by Gucci.

22nd October 2012

Quote: "I will never retire because I love acting and I hope to be a very, very old actor. My wish is to die on the job." SKYFALL star Javier Bardem wants to continue working into his twilight years.

22nd October 2012

Quote: "I'm not interested in living in Hollywood. I've not been seduced by it because I can't drive and find it tough to get around there." Spanish actor Javier Bardem is too reliant on public transport to consider a move to Los Angeles.

24th September 2012

Quote: "I don't believe in God. I believe in Al Pacino." Javier Bardem has faith in his acting hero.

29th August 2012

Quote: "When I was 16, I got Jamon Jamon. Of course, I had to lie about my age. And I had to lie to my parents about the content of the script." Actress Penelope Cruz pretended to be older than she was to land the starring role in the sexually-charged Spanish comedy drama, in which she appeared alongside her future husband Javier Bardem.

13th October 2011

Fact: Spanish actor Javier Bardem is in talks to voice the villain in the Despicable Me sequel. Bardem has just been confirmed as the bad guy in the 23rd James Bond film.

27th July 2011

Fact: Actress Eva Longoria has been bonding with her boyfriend Eduardo Cruz's little nephew Leo - the couple is on vacation with his famous sister Penelope Cruz and her husband Javier Bardem in Costa Brava, Spain.

18th April 2011

Fact: Pop singer Prince brought a pair of superstar fans on stage with him at a show in Los Angeles last week (ends17Apr11) - Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem were seen dancing with the Purple Rain hitmaker during his gig at the Forum in Inglewood, California.

18th February 2011

Quote: "I usually bring all my people... I'm talking about 17 people... and I'm trying to sneak them in... I need more tickets." Spanish Oscar nominee Javier Bardem needs more tickets for the Academy Awards.

18th February 2011

Quote: "We have two little places with tapas... It's a great excuse to get drunk because the tapas comes with a drink. You ask for a beer and they cook you this little dish... It's going well." Javier Bardem on the two restaurants he owns in his native Spain. His brother runs one and his sister the other.

9th February 2011

Quote: "Everything is going perfectly." New father Javier Bardem is enjoying the early days of parenthood. The actor's wife, Penelope Cruz, gave birth to a baby boy last month (Jan11).

25th January 2011

Quote: "I am truly honoured for this nomination and deeply thankful to the Academy members for their trust and support. Also, to all of those who showed their support to my work in Biutiful, I express my heartfelt gratitude... It's really a huge honour to have been nominated in a non-English speaking performance." Javier Bardem is blown away by his Best Actor Oscar nomination. The nod earned him a place in the event's history on Tuesday morning (25Jan11) when he became the first star to land a mention in the top category for a 100 per cent Spanish film.

21st January 2011

Quote: "My job is to try to portray behaviour. But I can't watch behaviour because people are watching me. You feel absurd, and that's not natural. You are in a zoo. You go to a shop and people look at you. That's the only thing that gets me a little nervous." Actor Javier Bardem describes the pitfalls of fame.

20th January 2011

Quote: "My friends usually say, 'You're very lucky, travelling around these places to work.' And I say, 'I'll invite you on the trip, but with one condition: you have to sit with me throughout.' They then say, 'I don't want to go!'" Actor Javier Bardem tires of travelling the globe as he promotes his films.

20th January 2011

Quote: "I wasn't a very committed Catholic before, but when that happened it suddenly all felt so obvious: I now believe religion is our attempt to find an explanation; to feel more protected." Actor Javier Bardem reveals the death of his father when he was just 25 years old cemented his religious beliefs.

20th January 2011

Quote: "I think it's too soon to do it with some justice." Actor Javier Bardem dismisses reports linking him to a possible movie about the story of the 33 Chilean miners, who were trapped underground for more than two months last year (10).

12th January 2011

Quote: "My first part was in a film where I played a sadomasochist who killed people and created fun orgies. I'm a method actor. I went to every orgy in the world." Javier Bardem jokes about his first film role in THE AGES OF LULU.

6th January 2011

Quote: "In 22 years of acting, I've only done two movies where I, personally, kill people. The Coens called me the Spanish Ballerina on (the No Country For Old Men) set, because every time I had the gun, when they called cut, I'd give it back and say, 'Take this s**t out of my hands!' There were laughing, like they couldn't believe I was supposed to be the villain." Javier Bardem hates playing violent bad guys.

24th December 2010

Quote: "I'm not a shopper at all. My family knows it and they accept it. I'll give them some jokes. Instead of gifts, I give jokes." Dad-to-be Javier Bardem plans to save his money on gifts this Christmas.

13th August 2010

Quote: "When I went to promote a movie, I heard 'chick flick', I thought it was a porno! So I heard 'chick flick' and I was like, 'Wait, wait, I'm not doing porno here!' Then I realised it's a women's movie. So I guess if you do a movie with explosions, people being killed, you'd call it a d**k flick!" Spanish star Javier Bardem misunderstood the term for female-friendly movies when he first moved to Hollywood.

31st July 2010

Quote: "I think she's an amazing actress, has done amazing work. Julia has this thing of making you feel safe and secure, helping you to be the best of yourself in your performance." Oscar-winning actor Javier Bardem has high praise for his EAT PRAY LOVE co-star Julia Roberts.

22nd July 2010

Quote: "I was sitting by Jack Nicholson with my long list of thanks, and I said, 'I'm so nervous. I don't know what to say if I go up there.' He said, 'Don't get emotional, drop the names, and dedicate it to your mother.'" Javier Bardem had a pep talk from Hollywood veteran Jack Nicholson before he delivered his acceptance speech at the 2007 Oscars. The Spanish star was named Best Supporting Actor for his role in NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN.

22nd July 2010

Quote: "I had the great opportunity to meet Brad a couple of times... what a beauty. And that body is like - wow. He really made me feel... like I could fall in love with him! Like a teenage girl getting crazy." Penelope Cruz's new husband Javier Bardem has a man crush on fellow Hollywood star Brad Pitt.

10th December 2009

Quote: "I am a huge Pearl Jam fan. The music, the sound, the fury. It's like, wallop! What a journey!" Spanish actor Javier Bardem reveals his favourite music.

18th November 2009

Quote: "One thing I don't do, I don't lie about my personal life. It's sacred to me. It's my life. But I don't give details about it because I am allergic to that." Penelope Cruz refuses to confirm or deny reports she is engaged to actor Javier Bardem during a grilling from talk show host David Letterman.

6th February 2009

Quote: "I was a little worried about being accepted into the 'cool gang'. Luckily I got on very well with them all." British actress Rebecca Hall was wary of working alongside Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz, and Javier Bardem in Woody Allen's VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA.

14th August 2008

Quote: "I don't believe in God, I believe in Al Pacino, and that's true. If I ever get a phone call saying, 'Would you like to work with Pacino?', I would go crazy." Actor Javier Bardem is keen to star opposite Hollywood legend AL PACINO.

11th August 2008

Quote: "Life is good… In the movies, sometimes you are forced to kiss beautiful women... but have to say that in the sex scenes, it was the first time that I really hated Woody Allen's 'just one take' policy." Spanish actor Javier Bardem was hoping for a re-shoot with his VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA co-stars Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson.

6th August 2008

Quote: "Those are the most absurd days because everybody's pretending to be very relaxed, but everybody's quite tense... pretending like nothing's going on... If you ever work with (director) Woody Allen, there's no rehearsals so you just have to jump off the cliff." Oscar-winning actor Javier Bardem on filming steamy love scenes with co-stars Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson on their forthcoming film VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA.

19th June 2008

Fact: Oscar-winner Javier Bardem has been awarded his native Spain's 2008 National Film Award. The honour comes with a cash prize of $46,500 (GBP23,250).

7th March 2008

Quote: "It wasn't a FULL MONTY type of thing." Academy Award winner Javier Bardem, 39, insists he didn't display his manhood during his one-day stint as a nightclub stripper when he was in his 20s.

25th February 2008

Quote: "My mother said, `I'm going to try to take a plane and get there on time, just make sure somebody gets there to help me through immigration.'" Oscar winner Javier Bardem on his mother PILAR's last-minute dash to join her son at the Academy Awards.

25th February 2008

Quote: "Thank you to the COENS for being crazy enough to think that I could do that and put one of the most horrible haircuts in history over my head." Spanish movie star Javier Bardem pays tribute to his NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN directors ETHAN and Joel Coen, who helped create his character's severe haircut, in his Best Supporting Actor Oscars acceptance speech.

24th February 2008

Quote: "One thing I'd like to get off my chest: I did f**k Javier Bardem and Philip Seymour Hoffman is the product of our union. I hope you understand I mean that metaphorically." Dustin Hoffman ended Saturday's (23Feb08) Film Independent Spirit Awards with a hilarious revelation, before urging his `son' to "take a bow".

24th February 2008

Quote: "He is charming, ruggedly handsome, talented, speaks five languages; I wanna f**k him so hard." Film Independent Spirit Awards host Rainn Wilson was all love as he presented the 2008 event's honorary chairman and Best Director presenter Javier Bardem onto the tented stage at the Santa Monica, California prizegiving.

18th February 2008

Quote: "I'm not going to win. Javier Bardem is going to win. What it will make me feel is not remotely disappointed." Michael Clayton star Tom Wilkinson expects to lose out in the Best Supporting Actor Oscar category to NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN's Javier Bardem on Sunday (24Feb08).

9th February 2008

Quote: "I used to be a good party boy. I'm old. I'm an old man. You pay the consequences. I'm just fine with a couple of drinks, no more than that." Oscar-nominated actor Javier Bardem has left his partying days behind.

4th February 2008

Quote: "I was really hoping for them to cover my whole voice, my terrible English, with some tension, some music. But they didn't." Oscar nominee Javier Bardem was more than a little unnerved when he learned NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN would have no soundtrack.

29th January 2008

Fact: Spanish actor Javier Bardem was presented with the Montecito Award Tribute at the 23rd Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Monday (28Jan08) in recognition of his acting achievements. His latest film, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, has already picked up numerous industry accolades and is favourite to take home the Best Picture prize at next month's (Feb08) Academy Awards.

29th January 2008

Quote: "There's always someone you wanna kill at some point in your life, so you think about that person." Javier Bardem on how he prepared to play ruthless killer ANTON CHIGURH in NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN.

28th January 2008

Quote: "Thank you, guys, for hiring me and thank you for taking the hard work of choosing the good takes instead of the ones where I really sucked." Javier Bardem dedicates his Screen Actors Guild award for Outstanding Performance By A Male Actor In A Supporting Role in NO COUNTRY OF OLD MEN to his directors JOEL and ETHAN COEN.

22nd January 2008

Quote: "He'd walk around with an umbrella with, like, (sunscreen) SPF 500 on his face - to stay white - and the hairnet on. It was pretty ridiculous." Josh Brolin on the lengths NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN star Javier Bardem went to perfect his psychopath look.

22nd December 2007

Quote: "You don't have to act the haircut; the haircut is acting by itself..." Spanish actor Javier Bardem on the 1970s-style bowl-cut he dons as a brooding psycho killer in NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN.

19th November 2007

Quote: "I don't want to hear about it. Give me a break. I live in Madrid where people don't see the Oscars because it's like two o'clock in the morning... We are having parties and having sex, rather than watching a ceremony that's five hours long." Spanish actor Javier Bardem can't get excited about the Oscars.

9th November 2007

Quote: "I told them that I hate violence, don't speak English that good and can't drive. They said, 'That's why we want you.'" Spanish actor Javier Bardem was surprised when filmmakers the Coen Brothers asked him to be a part of their new film NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN.

6th November 2007

Quote: "I can drive as long as it's straight, but just don't ask me to turn." Spanish actor Javier Bardem admits he's no good behind the wheel of a car.

29th October 2007

Fact: Spanish actor Javier Bardem will be honoured with the Montecito Award at the 23rd Santa Barbara Film Festival in January (08). The honour is given annually to a performer who has given a series of classic and standout performances in his or her career.

17th February 2006

Fact: <p>Spanish movie star Javier Bardem has landed the lead role in the movie adaptation of acclaimed Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA. The romantic drama, a publishing sensation when it was released in 1985, will be directed by celebrated movie maker Mike Newell. </p>

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