British singer Jay McGuiness suffered a meltdown over the holidays when he discovered a fraudster had been emptying his bank account after stealing his identity.

The former The Wanted star took to on Sunday (28Dec14) to vent his anger after he learned he was the victim of bank card fraud. The discovery led to MCGuiness missing a flight, and he was infuriated when he had to pay $9,600 (£6,000) to get on another one.

In a lengthy post, he writes, "Ouch. Thank you (airline) for being the s**tty cherry on a turd 2014 cake. After explaining I had my identity stolen and therefore missed my flight, I'm lucky enough to be paying £6,000 for a flight this evening, you were So understanding. But wait, the best is that you asked me if I would be paying by the card you have on file, no I won't, because that card paid for someones (sic) extremely Happy Christmas... Sincerely, a twenty four year old man trying hard not to fall apart and weep on a train."

The setback comes after a trying year for the star, who was beaten in a bar brawl in March (14) and suffered a career blow when his boyband went on an indefinite hiatus in August (14).