Yes, hello, it’s still 2014 and Beyonce and Jay Z are still ruling over us all. On Friday night, they took over the MetLife Stadiun in New York for another unforgettable gig. The reviews and recaps, as with all of the On The Run concerts, were stellar. The thing about Jay Z and Beyonce (well, one of the things) is that they’re amazing performers separately, but when they perform together, the universe is in alignment. The Met Life gig was no exception. According to the New York Daily News, “Jay Z and Beyoncé illuminate each other’s songs — trading verses, choruses and hits with a rapport that can be witty, teasing, sexy, sweet, tense, or even conspiratorial. “

Beyonce, Jay Z
We should probably stop talking about these two soon.

We’ve already seen a lot of that in their recorded duets, starting with 03 Bonnie and Clyde, all the way through to Drunk in Love, which showed off an obvious evolution of their style, production resources and yes, their relationship.

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All that was evident at the Met Life gig, where the couple sang as many duets as possible. Even though they flow really well together, when they’re performing Solo, the couple tend to have very distinct styles. Beyonce’s disciplined, aggressive performances of songs like Run The World (Girls) and Single Ladies were in stark contrast to Jay Z’s easy, often solo renditions of tracks like Public Service Announcement and N----s in Paris. But the key word for both was confidence, which showed through even more, when the pair joined forces on Crazy in Love, On The Run and some solo tracks, where the pair exchanged verses. We can talk all day about why the Carters are some of the greatest entertainers of our time, but the short version is that fun was had by all.

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Beyonce, Jay Z
But they're just so good at what they do.