A fairly innocuous photo of Beyonce taken by her husband Jay Z on tour this week has accidentally gone viral, with corners of the internet finding an image of Bey in an elevator hysterically funny because it shows Jigga as an ‘Instagram husband’.

The photograph was posted on Bey’s official website earlier this week, showing the pop star in a mirrored elevator in the French capital city of Paris while on her 'Formation' tour. However, a reflection of the rapper can be seen the background taking the photo on a phone, which he may not have realised.

The internet reacted quickly, hilariously imagining one of the biggest hip-hop stars in the world as an under-the-thumb ‘Instagram husband’ – i.e., a man forced by his better half to take pictures of her posing solo, with food or with family and friends.

“Jay posing like he was the one taking the selfie in the first place and Bey is just in the way of his slayage,” wrote one person, commenting on how Jay Z looked like he wanted himself to be part of it just as much.

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“Jay-Z's role in this picture exemplifies literally the only thing that makes me think I should get myself a man,” a user said. “I need my boyfriend to be professional like how Jay Z is with Beyoncé,” another wrote.

Some imagined the conversation that might have taken place before the image was snapped. “Jay: ‘lean over a little more’. Bey: ‘like this?’ Jay: ‘sickening, don’t move’," one person captioned a re-post of the image.

The couple stayed in an eye-wateringly expensive hotel in the centre of Paris near the Eiffel Tower, with more photos coming from the top floor of the building where the suite costs $19,000 per night.

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