Andrade sued bosses at the company earlier this year (15), claiming they agreed to buy out his $2 million (GBP1.25 million) contract from officials at New York-based Star Boxing. He also alleged he cancelled a $550,000 (GBP343,750) bout set up by Star Boxing on the urges of Roc Nation Sports and was also promised he would be paid the amount by bosses at Jay Z's company if he didn't participate in the fight.

The boxer claims he never received any funds for the cancelled fight and his contract was never bought out, but now the 99 Problems star is firing back, insisting Andrade is bringing a "baseless action" against "a well-known and highly-visible sports management organization" in the hopes that "scurrilous allegations" might bring him a payday "without lifting a glove", according to

Roc Nation Sports bosses also claim they tried to work out a deal with Star Boxing, but negotiations fell through. They are asking a judge to dismiss the case.

"(This is a) blatant money grab and obvious attempt to offset the downward spiral of his boxing career that was atrophied by nothing other than his actions in and out of the ring and his promoters negligence in guiding his career," the legal motion reads. "Rather than earn his money in the ring, plaintiff would prefer to do so in the courtroom."

The news comes a day after Jay Z and producer Timbaland emerged victorious in their Big Pimpin' copyright infringement lawsuit. A judge ruled the pair didn't lift the melody from Baligh Hamdi's 1957 Egyptian song Khosara, Khosara without permission and that the musician's nephew, Osama Ahmed Fahmy, lacked the legal standing to pursue his copyright claim.