In between two of the biggest pigging-out days on the American calendar - Thanksgiving and Christmas - Beyonce and Jay-Z have decided to get healthy by adopting a strictly vegan diet. The couple decided to begin their new trend just this week, on Jay's 44th birthday no less, and they plan on sticking to it until after Christmas, which means no turkey in the Carter household this festive period.

Beyonce and Jay Z
The couple were spotted shopping around Beverly Hills the day before

As initially reported by TMZ, Bey and Jay began their meatless challenge in the classiest of settings, taking to the upmarket Los Angeles-based Cafe Gratitude - a swanky LA eatery that only serves an organic vegan menu - for Jay's 44th celebrations on 4 December. According to the TMZ report, the couple have said that they aim to become more spiritual as a result of going vegan, but are also carrying out the vegan diet plan in a bid to improve their health, which we suspect is already better than most people's.

At the L.A. eatery the pair fully immersed themselves into vegan food culture, ordering drinks made from a combination of apples, beets, lemon and ginger, and munching on h'or derves consisting of marinated kale salad, Indian curried lentils and corn tacos with chipotle butternut squash.

Jay Z
The rapper's birthday probably got a little wilder as the day went on

They weren't the only celebrities enjoying a plant-based lunched at the cafe either, as Anne Hathaway and Ariana Grande were also spotted in the same restaurant at the same time as the power couple.

Jay and Bey ended their lunch with a chocolate truffle dessert, although there were no candles or singing for Jay to mark the big occasion. They were probably holding out for the night's big celebrations.

We wonder what else Beyonce got her husband, other than the new diet