Jay Z rounded off the Made In America festival with Drake and Pearl Jam as they collaborated to perform one of the rapper's greatest hits, reports MTV.

Whilst Pearl Jam were performing the last gig, closing out the two day festival with a two hour, 25 song set, they were joined on stage by the man who created the whole thing. On jumped Jay-Z who treated crowds to a rock version of his smash hit. Drake had previously summoned 2 Chainz to stage before the rock-rap incarnation of 99 problems. There was a political edge to Pearl Jam's gig; during their song 'Unemployable,' the veteran rockers bemoaned the life of a hard working American in light of job cuts. Vedder told the crowd, "I want to see more things made in America," which won him a round of rapturous applause.

The festival, the brainchild of Shawn Corey Carter, has enjoyed a flurry of performances from musical legends. Add to Pearl Jam a set by Run Dmc - the first in ten years - Kanye West, and the President of The United States, and you've got yourself one of the most talked about musical events of the year. After wowing a nostalgic crowd, Run DMC struck a serious note, "After his assassination ... we put a silence on the group," Run said, explaining to the crowd the intricacies behind the bands break up following the death of Jam Master Jay.