As we all know, Jay-Z‘s new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, will be arriving in the very near future and so far we've heard a few details about the album, but on the whole we're still waiting on something, anything, that can indicate where the album will go musically. The tracklist didn't change this, but things will change on Tuesday (June 25) when Jay releases the album's first single, 'Holy Grail,' and in the meantime Hova has been kind enough to leak some information surrounding the track.

As we've already heard from Courtney Love, one of the tracks on the album will feature lyrics from the Nirvana track 'Smells Like Teen Spirit,' however what she didn't tell us was what the track might sound like or what it would be called, but with a day to spare we've now know which lyric was used and where it will be, not to mention who will be appearing on the track too. Fresh off the success of working together on 'Suit & Tie,' Justin Timberlake - who is singing the Nirvana line - will show up to sing the hook and do some crooning as well.

Timberlake sings; "and we're all just/entertainers/and we're stupid/and contagious," on the hook, following on from Jay's line; "I know nobody to blame/Kurt Cobain/I did it to myself."

The lyrics were made available to users of Samsung smartphones in anticipation for the release of the track, although they soon managed to make their way online for everyone to see. Jay is working in cahoots with Samsung for the release, with the electronics company making 1,000,000 copies of the album available to download for free three days before the album's official release date. Magna Carter Holy Grail will be made available for Samsung customers on July 4, with the album being made available for the rest of us on July 7. 'Holy Grail' comes out on June 25.

JT and Jay-Z SuitandTie
Jay-Z and JT last worked together on 'Suit & Tie'

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Jay has been working with Rick Rubin, Pharrell, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland on the record