Jay-Z will release his next album, Magna Carta, Holy Grail, next week, having already made the release available for Samsung smartphone users on Thursday (July 4) as part of a marketing ploy. Before then we got to hear a new track, one featuring his 'Suit & Tie' collaborator Justin Timberlake no less, and see the artwork for it too, with the artwork being unveiled in true Jay-Z style.

Jay Z Press
As expected, the album leaked before the official release date

At Salisbury Cathedral in the UK, Jay's new album was placed alongside one of the original copies of the actual Magna Carta - the history-changing British legislation that regulated the amount of power any future king has - in a photo-op that gave people their first look at the cover. This wasn't just a one-time, Instagram-worthy photo occasion, as Salisbury Cathedral will also hold a month-long installation featuring artwork from the new album. David Dimbleby hasn't been reached for comment.

As well as showing off his new artwork - which you can see over at his Life + Times website - the rapper also unveiled a new song too, the Justin Timberlake featuring 'Holy Grail.' The song was uploaded to Jay's Soundcloud page the day after his artwork was unveiled (July 4), with the song also playing on the Life + Times website.

Jay Z Justin Timberlake
The rapper and singer worked together on the track 'Suit & Tie'

For those of you who don't have a Samsung phone and are simply too impatient to wait until the official release date, on Monday July 8, then fear not because the album has already leaked and if you really want to listen to it a quick Google search such bring up the goods. Can anyone remembered what used to happen before the internet?

Jay Z Magna Carta
Jay previously teased a more minimal artwork