Rapper Jay-Z appears to be holding back tears whilst talking to producer extraordinaire, Rick Rubin, in a behind-the-scenes video of the making of the rapper's new album. A record producer himself, Jay-Z is married to singer Beyoncé with whom he has a child - 1 year-old Blue Ivy who has clearly had a profound effect upon his creative output as a musician.

Jay Z
A Proud Father: Jay Z Has Admitted He Marvels Over His Daughter, Blue.

Speaking without any intro, Jay-Z (real name, Shaun Carter) tells how his past has affected his present: "My pop left when I was young so he didn't teach me how to be a man or how to raise a child or how to treat a woman. So of course, my karma, the two things I need I don't have. And I have a daughter," he says, adding the paranoia he associates with "not being a great dad."

Beyoncé & Jay Z
Married Couple, Parents And R&B Superstars: Jay Z And Beyoncé.

The video - one of many teaser commercials - was posted to promote a new song, 'Blue', from his upcoming album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. Despite being featured in the teaser video for Jay-Z's album and having worked together on '99 Problems,' Rick Rubin hasn't actually worked on the new record. Speaking to XXL, the producer explained: "The point of me being in the commercials was that he was filming a documentary and he asked me-I imagine he's just comfortable talking to me-to come listen to the songs with him and just talk about the songs. Just listen to it and talk about it, and that's what we did. It was fun," adding that compared to Kanye West's recent Yeezus album "Jay's record is a more traditional hip-hop record."

Watch The Teaser Video For Jay-Z's Single 'Blue':

The other snippet videos that have been released show Jay-Z hanging out with other big names in hip-hop who're featured on the album, including Swizz Beatz, Pharrell Williams and Timbaland, while he plays excerpts from the imminently released work.

Jay Z
Jay Z's New Album Magna Carta Holy Grail Will Be Released On 4th July.

As a 43 year-old father of a toddler, the birth of Blue Ivy has inspired the Glastonbury-headlining performer, and called upon some serious emotion that can be heard "most obviously" on his 'Blue' single: "For me...heaven is in your daughter's laughter," he said. "Hell could be - if your child is missing for three minutes, you're in three minutes of hell."

Magna Carta Holy Grail is due out on 4th July.