With his latest album coming out only weeks ago, Jay Z continued to put his creative streak to use in the following weeks and took-up a six hour slot at the Pace Gallery to stage a special 'performance piece.' The cross-over into the art world was met with criticism from both the art community and the hip hop community who shouted "Judas" at the individuals involved in the performance, but amidst this controversy those of us unconcerned with the fallout have been treated to a look at the project with a host of clips documenting the show.

Jay Z
The performance didn't make any Illuminati references, we think

One video is a preview of the HBO one-off documenting the recent instalment at Pace Gallery in which Jay discusses concept of the show with it's director Mark Romanek. The performance, based on Marina Abramovic's 'The Artist Is Present' exhibit, drew in a star-studded audience including script-writer Judd Apatow, rapper Wale, cast members from the show Girls, including Adam Driver, as well as actor Alan Cumming and more, although it is Abramovic herself who spends the most time with Jay in the one-on-one piece.

Throughout the exhibit by Hov, the rapper spends his time running through verses over the beat for his Magna Carter, Holy Grail track 'Picasso Baby' - which gave his performance piece it's name. Filmed in July and aired on HBO on Friday (2 August) night, the show has been made with the hope of interesting more young performers in performance art as a creative outlet, whether it be interpretive dance, or rapping over the same beat for six hours whilst staring at someone eye-to-eye.

Beyonce and Jay Z
Beyonce and Jay Z attend a Trayvon MArtin rally

Director Romanek explains the video and the performance piece himself in an in-depth interview with the Huffington Post, in which he describes the show as "more genuine, more spontaneous and more alive" than a regular music video, and a performance that will hopefully give young artists food for thought with their own works.

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Jay's performance was aired last night