Nicole Kidman Cannes 2014

Cannes Panning: We'd love to say we were starting the round-up on a high with the Cannes Film Festival but unfortunately for new royal biopic Grace of Monaco, there is no good news to be found. The Nicole Kidman-starring true story dramatization has been almost universally crushed by Cannes critics who found the acting wooden, the script trite and the entire picture worse than the much-slated Diana pic. You can watch the trailer here though - it's worth it for the beautiful costumes and idyllic tax-haven setting.

Baldwin Busted: Alec Baldwin should probably sneak off to some meditation resort in the mountains for the next few months until this latest debacle blows over. The hot-headed actor and TV host, who is known for his many altercations with paps, had a run-in with police this week when he was caught riding his bicycle the wrong way down a busy New York street and flew into a rage when the cops asked to see his ID. It didn't end well for the 30 Rock star: read about all the drama here.

Jay Z's 100th Problem?: The Knowles/Carter family found themselves the centre of an unwanted media storm this week when post-Met Gala footage leaked allegedly showing Solange Knowles, Beyoncé's younger sister, attacking her brother-in-law Jay Z in an elevator whilst Beyoncé stood by looking strangely calm. See the video here. A hashtag "#WhatJayZSaidTSolange" was quickly spawned as bemused fans tried to make sense of this unusual glimpse into a showbiz family drama. The plot has thickened as the week has progressed: find out more. And read Beyoncé's statement regarding the incident here.

Zack Snyder

Batman Snaps: Director Zack Snyder got a lot of on-the-fence fans on his side this week when he posted the first snap of Ben Affleck as Batman and the iconic Batmobile from the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie. The dark and gloomy new shot shows Affleck in an extremely muscular Batsuit next to his jagged and imposing vehicle. Check it out here. In parallel news, take a look at the 10 things we learned from the trailer for Fox's new Batman spin-off, Gotham.

Unbeliebable Scandal: Justin Bieber is another celebrity who has had a headline-making seven days for all the wrong reasons. The rebellious pop star was reportedly investigated for stealing a woman's phone when she tried to take pictures of him and his posse playing mini-golf. Read more. What's more, further ugly news has emerged from the night of Bieber's DUI involving the singer's bodyguard chasing a pap into a Subway toilet and threatening him in to get photos deleted. Find out the disturbing details.

Rolf Harris Trail: The court case involving allegations of sex abuse against Aussie TV star Rolf Harris has sparked interest this week as victims give their evidence. The artist and TV presenter 84, denies 12 counts of indecent assault between 1968 and 1986, seven of which pertain to one victim; the childhood friend of his daughter, Bindi. One victim yesterday described the father-of-one as "a dirty old man" as she claimed he groped her aged 8 at an autograph signing. Get up to date on the proceedings.

H.R. Giger

Alien Artist Dies: The world's sci-fi loving community took off their space helmets this week to mourn the sudden and unexpected death of H.R. Giger, the Swiss artist credited with giving Ridley Scott's Alien movies their edge of creepiness with his dark and otherworldly xenomorph designs. Giger was aged 74 when he passed away from injuries he sustained from an accidental stair fall. Read a tribute to his nightmarish creations here.

Video Of The Week - 'Cinderella' Teaser: Disney fans were alerted when the studios dropped the first teaser trailer for the upcoming live action reimagining of the classic Cinderella fairytale. It's really only a glass slipper spinning and sparkling but you can watch it here. Lily James, Richard Madden, Cate Blanchett, Stellan Skarsgard and Helena Bonham Carter all star in this exciting new movie which will be released next spring. But will director Kenneth Branagh choose to take the darker Maleficent route?