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Jaycee Chan Released From "Harsh" Chinese Prison, Apologises For Drug Use

Jaycee Chan, Jackie Chan's son, has been freed from jail on drug charges. The 32-year-old actor was arrested in August 2014 after police found 100 grams of marijuana at his Beijing apartment. He was...

Jackie Chan's Son Jaycee Issues Apology Following Release From Jail

Jaycee Chan, the 32 year old son of action star Jackie Chan, has apologised publicly following his release from jail after serving a six month sentence on drug charges.Jaycee Chan with the director Kenneth Bi...

Jackie Chan's Son, Jaycee, Released From Prison In China After Drugs Charge

Jaycee Chan, the son of movie star Jackie Chan, has been released from prison in Beijing, China, on early Friday morning (Feb 13th) after completing a six-month sentence on drug charges, amid the Chinese government's...

Jackie Chan's Son Jaycee Chan Is Finally Charged Over Cannabis Incident

The son of Jackie Chan, Jaycee Chan, has finally been charged for drugs offences by police in China following his arrest back in August 2014, where he was found to have a considerable amount of...

China Bans Tainted Celebrities From Tv Screens Over Drugs, Prostitution

China has taken the severe though not altogether surprising step of banning tainted celebrities from TV and movie screens. The ban, which will see stars arrested for drugs, prostitution, etc removed from media outlets, is...

Police Story: Who Is Jaycee Chan?

For those of you who are struggling to link Jaycee Chan to a hugely famous person who shares the same surname, Jaycee is the son of Jackie, who is probably the single most universally lauded...

Jackie Chan Ashamed Of Arrested Son

Jackie Chan feels ''ashamed'' of his son after he was arrested in a drugs raid.Jaycee Chan, 32, and his actor friend Kai Ko, 23, were detained by police last Thursday (14.08.14) after more than 3.5oz...

Jackie Chan's 32-Year-old Son Detained In Beijing Drugs Bust

In case you’ve never heard of Jaycee Chan, he is the son of actor Jackie Chan. This information is crucial for understanding and caring about the following piece of news. The younger Chan has been...

Jackie Chan's Son Arrested In Drugs Bust

Jackie Chan's son was arrested in a drugs bust. Jaycee Chan, 32, and his actor friend Kai Ko, 23, were detained by police last Thursday (14.08.14) after more than 3.5oz of marijuana was discovered at...

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