French musician Jean Michel Jarre has denied he is planning to move his business interests to the U.K. to avoid taxation in his home country.

The electro-pop star recently held meetings at the headquarters of British Prime Minister David Cameron at Downing Street in London and reports suggested he was being lured away from France by the prospect of the generous tax incentives offered to foreign investors in the British capital.

A spokesman for Cameron confirmed Jarre's meetings, sparking rumours the musician would be following in the footsteps of actor Gerard Depardieu, who recently left France and moved to neighbouring Belgium amid anger over tax hikes.

However, Jarre has now spoken out to silence speculation about a possible move to the U.K.

The musician has released a statement revealing his talks with British government officials were actually about the possibility of creating an "​​electronic music academy" under his direction.

The statement adds, "Jean Michel Jarre has always had personal and professional links to England and they have never had anything to do with any French policy measures."