Jean Paul Gaultier thinks Anna Wintour is "monstrous".

The flamboyant French designer insists he wasn't a fan of fashion movie 'The Devil Wears Prada' - which is thought to be based on the US Vogue editor and her offices - because he doesn't think it was true to life.

He said: "Anna Wintour is a lot more monstrous than she is described.

"Is she a positive figure [in fashion]? She is a figure."

Jean Paul also spoke of his sadness about John Galliano - who was recently found guilty of racist and anti-Semitic behaviour and was sacked from Dior and his eponymous label John Galliano - and what he has lost because of the incident.

He added: "I know John a little and I must say that what he does for his work shows he is not a racist.

"When you see the video you can see it is someone teasing him... John is very talented. He has done some beautiful things for Dior.

"I think it is completely sad he doesn't have his own label anymore. I think it's bad. There are some people who say and do Terrible Things and they are not even punished for it."