Jean Paul Gaultier has hit out at fashion labels for using celebrities to promote their products.

The 63-year-old designer believes it is ridiculous that companies pay stars huge amounts of money as he believes that profits from selling the clothing don't match the fees.

He told Germany's Lufthansa Exclusive magazine: ''These days, companies sign deals with stars so they wear their designer's clothes. The money they put into advertising and the fees for celebrities - you can't even earn that amount through clothing alone!''

While the French designer has had a long and successful career, he admitted that he does find fashion exhausting.

He said: ''What's fashionable today is old news by tomorrow. I find that tiring.''

And Jean Paul revealed that rather than fear getting older as many people in his industry do, he is embracing it.

He said: ''Honestly, it's great, I love changes. And I have a great example: my grandparents. They were clever, full of joie de vivre. They did gymnastics daily, although I'm totally unsportsmanlike.

''I hate gyms! I always had the good fortune to be just muscular. Now my body is changing - fat instead of muscle. I should probably do something, but just a little. ''