Rocker Jeff Beck has opened up about his recent health crisis, revealing he played through the pain on his joint tour with Brian Wilson despite undergoing an invasive medical procedure.

The veteran guitarist headed out on the road with the Beach Boys legend last year (13) for a series of shows, but the gruelling schedule took its toll on him.

During a stop in Chicago, Illinois, Beck attended a hospital and underwent an endoscopy - an internal examination with a flexible camera - but he was determined to continue with the concerts.

He tells Mojo magazine, "What I didn't realise was that (the tour bosses) wanted me to spend the whole afternoon doing promo to prop up the ticket sales. So we did this meet-and-greet stuff where audiences pay good money to watch rehearsals which robbed me of the afternoon nap.

"I ended up in Chicago University Hospital having an endoscopy. They still had me playing the next night. It was a bit blood and guts, but I had fallen in love with the idea of playing with Brian Wilson."

However, Beck also reveals he struggled to click with the notoriously private Wilson, who has suffered decades of mental health issues, adding, "(It was) a bit of a nightmare. He doesn't speak. He's clearly in need of attention. But that's just my opinion."