The last time we saw Jeff Bridges he was lumbering around the deep West as Rooster Cogburn, being harangued and harassed by the brilliant Hailee Steinfeld as Mattie Ross in 2010’s True Grit. Now he’s some sort of fantasy dojo teaching a young warrior to fight the evil spirits they plague their world in The Seventh Son.

Jeff BridgesBridges looking troubled - it's not easy to relax when evil spirits want to eat your heart

Master Gregory – Bridges’ character in the film – bears no resemblance to anything we’ve seen from the Big Lebowski before. He’s nimble, wise and mysterious as he trains young Thomas played by Ben Barnes (Dorian Gray) in the art of battle.

Check out the Seventh Son Trailer here

His character differs somewhat from The Spook’s Apprentice, the young adult novel by Joseph Delaney on which the movie is based, in that he’s much older. If they changed that just to get Bridges in the film, then we fully support that move. Any character should be subject to change so that Bridges can play them: it’s Jeff Bridges for Christ’s sake.

Ben BarnesBen Barnes plays Thomas in the film, and is basically charged with saving the world

There has been some confusion over the film’s name. See, The Seventh Son is actually the name of an Orsen Scott Card book, and doesn’t appear in any of Delaney’s 13 books in the series. Scott Card also wrote Ender’s Game, a movie adaptation of which is set to hit the big screen soon. That, of course, hasn’t gone by without complications.

Seventh Son is being directed by Sergei Bodrov and is being backed by Warner Bros as part of their connection with Legendary. Check out some of the movie stills and the poster below!

Julianne MooreJulianne Moore looks cool as an evil spirit

Seventh Son Movie Poster
Bridges looking formidable in the poster for the film

Ben Barnes and Jeff Bridges Seventh Son
Barnes and Bridges on their way for another day's training