The Newsroom has returned for its second season. The second season's premiere aired on Sunday 14th July at 10pm on HBO. The episode gained an audience of 2.2 million viewers.

Jeff Daniels
Jeff Daniels at the screening of The Newsrooms' season 2 premiere, L.A.

The second series drew 2.6 million viewers for its premiere showing on Sunday (14th July). Airing an hour after True Blood, at 10pm, the show's season premiere attracted a larger audience that its season 1 premiere last year. 

The Newsroom season 1 premiere last year gained an audience of just over 2.1 million. According to a report in the LA Times this was a 4% increase for the show. HBO's drama pales in comparison to its network competition which includes Game Of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and True Blood. However, The Newsroom's season 2 premiere aired to the series' second highest audience (only after the season 1 finale). 

The show was highly anticipated and reviewers were optimistic following the season 1 premiere. Unfortunately the series failed to live up to expectations and was criticised for offering "few surprises" (Gareth Jones, PopMatters) and its aim was to "make viewers do little thinking" (David Hinckley, New York Daily News).

Emily Mortimer
Emily Mortimer at the 2013 White House Correspondent's Dinner, held at the Washington Hilton.

The series continues following Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels), a fictional newsanchor, and his station's crew. Alongside Daniels, The Newsroom stars: Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire); Adina Porter (True Blood); Emily Mortimer (Harry Brown); John Gallagher Jr. (Jonah Hex) and relative newcomer Charlie Weirauch. 

The Newsroom airs on HBO Sundays at 10pm. 

Dev Patel
Dev Patel at the screening of The Newsrooms' season 2 premiere.