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Liam Hemsworth Bonded With His Idol Jeff Goldblum In Independence Day 2

Liam Hemsworth Jeff Goldblum

Liam Hemsworth was thrilled to be cast in the 20-years-later sequel Independence Day: Resurgence, since the 1996 original film was one of his childhood favourites. "I was 6 or 7 years old when I first watched it," he says. "My brothers had it on VHS videotape, and I sneaked in and watched it with them. As the youngest brother, I was probably the craziest out of all three of us. My uncles called me 'devil child' and said that I needed to be exorcised!"

Independence Day: Resurgence'Independence Day: Resurgence' stars Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum

In the sequel, he plays Jake Morrison, whose parents were killed during the events of the first movie. "He grew up in an orphanage," Hemsworth explains, "joined the military and became one of the best-of-the-best fighter pilots. Then he makes a bad decision and ends up being demoted to the moon where he drives a tug, essentially the same as a forklift."

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Independence Day: Resurgence Review


Two decades is a long time to wait for a sequel, especially one starring much of the original cast. (The record may go to the 32 years between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.) But clearly filmmakers Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin have long wanted to follow up their 1996 blockbuster hit Independence Day. The result is a big, fast sci-fi action thriller that lacks both the original movie's enjoyably raucous tone and its break-out star Will Smith.

After the events of 20 years ago, America has taken alien technology to heart, improving transportation and military defence, including creating a base on the moon to keep an eye out for returning tentacled baddies. Then an orb-shape ship appears, followed by a new mothership so large that it spans the entire Atlantic Ocean. President Lanford (Sela Ward) turns to the surviving heroes of the previous invasion for help: scientific expert David (Jeff Goldblum), former president Whitmore (Bill Pullman) and mad genius Brakish (Brent Spiner). Meanwhile, a young team of next-generation pilots dives into the fray, including Dylan (Jesse T. Usher playing Will Smith's now-grown son), Jake (Liam Hemsworth), Patricia (Maika Monroe as Whitmore's daughter and Jake's fiancee) and Charlie (Travis Tope).

The film is assembled in standard disaster movie style, quickly introducing characters and their personal little melodramas before throwing them into the mad chaos of this new invasion. Emmerich is an expert at this structure, using it to hugely entertaining effect from Independence Day to Godzilla, The Day After Tomorrow, 2014 and White House Down. So it's odd that this film feels so lifeless by comparison. The story rushes past at a breathless pace that never allows the characters or events to gain any real traction with the audience. The only sharp wit on hand this time comes from throwaway one-liners apparently improvised by Goldblum. And the action feels eerily derivative, rehashed from Emmerich's filmography with added elements from Star Wars and Apocalypse Now.

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Jeff Goldblum Will Not Be Starring In 'Jurassic World 2', He Reveals

Jeff Goldblum Graham Norton Liam Hemsworth

Jeff Goldblum has left fans of the Jurassic World series disappointed as he revealed that he won’t be starring in the massive blockbuster’s sequel either.

The actor, who played a prominent role in the original 1993 hit Jurassic Park and its 1997 follow-up The Lost World: Jurassic Park, chose to give the 2015 re-boot a miss. Now, he’s told British TV host Graham Norton that he’s not going to take part in Jurassic World 2.

Speaking on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ this week, which is due to air on Friday night (June 10th), Goldblum was asked about the prospects of jumping back into the franchise, and revealed that while he was available, he wasn’t taking part.

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Independence Day: Resurgence - Teaser Trailer

Everyone knows the tale of David Levinson and Captain Steven Hiller, the two men at the forefront of the last Alien invasion. Since that last fateful day, Levinson has worked tirelessly to protect the world and strengthen it from alien attacks, even using the technology they discovered on board the alien spaceship to counter their possible attack methods.

When the people of Earth learn that Aliens are on their way back to our planet, there's automatic hysteria and a hope that the newly installed space defences will help counter the attack. Whatever stringent plans David develops he, more than anyone, realises that it will probably not be enough to protect us.

Independence Day: Resurgence takes place twenty years after the original movie and sees many of the cast taking up the same role again. The film is directed by Roland Emmerich (known for The Day After Tomorrow, Godzilla and the first Independence Day movie.)

Jeff Goldblum Faces A Threat Much Bigger Than Before In 'Independence Day: Resurgence' - Trailer

Jeff Goldblum Chris Hemsworth

It's been almost twenty years since Roland Emmerich's Oscar winning sci-fi thriller 'Independence Day', but if you thought the aliens were destroyed once and for all, think again. They're back with a vengeance in 'Independence Day: Resurgence', but even David Levinson wasn't prepared for this.

Independence Day Resurgence cast(Most of) the team is back!

Now very much aware that there is intelligent life on other planets, some of which happened to be a huge threat to Earth, director of the Earth Space Defense program (ESD) David Levinson has been gathering forces and building up the planet's defenses using extraterrestrial technology in anticipation of another future attack. Their victory was an incredible one two decades ago, but that doesn't mean the war is over.

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Jeff Goldblum Is Set To Become A Father To Wife Emilie Livingston's Unborn Son

Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum has announced that he's about to become a dad for the first time, at the grand age of 62, with his new wife Emilie Livingston, aged 32. Three months in, he unveiled the news on 'The Late Show with David Letterman'.

Jeff Goldblum and Emilie Livingston at the 2015 Golden Globes
Jeff Goldblum and Emilie Livingston to be parents

'The Grand Budapest Hotel' star seemed thrilled to finally reveal the news on the chat show, admitting that gymnast wife Emilie is 'three months pregnant'. The pair have only been married since November 2014, with Jeff having become engaged to the Olympian in the summer. 'She told me the day before we got married that she's pregnant', he said happily, and even revealed to viewers that they are expecting a baby boy.

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Wait, You Didn’t Know Jeff Goldblum Had A Jazz Band? Meet The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra

Jeff Goldblum

Far from being just that actor from Jurassic Park and Independence Day, Jeff Goldblum is also a jazz pianist who's about to make his big New York debut. Along with his band, The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, Goldblum will be playing a string of dates this September at New York’s Cafe Carlyle. But did we miss something, since when has Jeff Goldblum also been an in-demand jazz musician?

Jeff GoldblumGoldblum leads The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra

We assume all celebrities have hobbies, but it seems Jeff Goldblum’s passion for piano playing has actually turned into something more like a second career. Having taken piano lessons as a child, Goldblum occasionally played piano in cocktail lounges as a teen before finding work as an actor. However in the late 90s he began making sporadic appearances across LA, after getting a band together with good friend John Mastro. Soon Jeff and his fellow musicians went from begin known as ‘Jeff Goldblum’s jazz band’ to the less imposing but more confusing, The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra.

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Grand Budapest Hotel - Clip

Gustave may be aloof and snobbish in many ways, but he's also extremely charming with a good heart and a titanic personality. As result he makes for a highly popular concierge at the Grand Budapest Hotel, who regularly entertains guests in more ways than one. He is charged with training up an inexperienced young lobby boy named Zero Moustafa who he soon bonds with. When one of his one night stands, the elderly Madame D, is found murdered in her hotel room, Zero is first by his side to defend him against her family and the authorities who are quick to accuse Gustave of the crime. Things become more intense when her will reveals her wish to bestow a valuable painting to her lover, entitled Boy With Apple, and Gustave and Zero are forced to flee. However, they are not alone as Zero falls for an attractive guest named Agatha who helps them hide the painting while Gustave protests his innocence.

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Waiting For Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel? Check Out These New Clips [Clips]

Ralph Fiennes Bill Murray Tilda Swinton Jeff Goldblum Wes Anderson

Despite his relatively young age, Wes Anderson has carved out a niche style of filmmaking recognisable to both aficionados and casual purveyors of cinema alike. His latest effort, The Grand Budapest Hotel, sees his perennial working relationship with many stars hit the big screen once more.

Grand Budapest HotelA hotel manager and a lobby boy

The trailer hit town in October last year, when we got a good look at the huge cast. Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, Jason Schwartzman, Edward Norton and Bill Murray all return to work with Anderson, while big names, Jeff Goldblum, Tilda Swinton, Willem Dafoe and Harvey Keitel all feature.

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The Grand Budapest Hotel - Clips

Charismatic but somewhat aloof concierge at the Grand Budapest Hotel, Gustave H, is less than impressed when a seemingly inexperienced new lobby boy named Zero Moustafa is hired for a trial period without his knowledge. However, the pair become thick as thieves when Gustave finds himself wanted by the authorities after the murder of his elderly one night stand Madame D. He does what any honourable hotelier would do under pressure. and runs. When it is discovered that the woman had left a priceless painting behind for Gustave in her will named Boy With Apple, her family is furious and Zero helps to the keep the painting hidden with the help of a charming young girl named Agatha as Gustave attempts to protest his innocence. With enough people despising Gustave for his often inappropriate professional conduct, it becomes harder than expected to clear his name and find out the truth about the death of Madame D.

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The Grand Budapest Hotel - Character Promo Trailer

Gustave H is a charismatic and over-friendly concierge at the Grand Budapest Hotel whose conduct has been far from professional over the course of his career, regularly engaging in one night stands with his deeply charmed guests including the elderly Madame D. So enamoured was Madame D about Gustave's interest in her, that she leaves him a priceless painting behind in her will named Boy With Apple. However, following her suspicious death, her maddened son Dmitri accuses Gustave of her murder and attempts to frame him for it, angered by his illicit involvement with her. Meanwhile, Gustave is attempting to train up an enthusiastic young lobby boy named Zero Moustafa who warms to him easily and helps to defend him as Gustave makes a break for it. Moustafa is also becoming very fond of a girl named Agatha, who he enlists to help hide the painting from Madame D's furious family.

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'The Grand Budapest Hotel' - Meet Wes Anderson's Gang [Trailer + Pictures]

Owen Wilson Adrien Brody Wes Anderson Ralph Fiennes Jeff Goldblum Tilda Swinton Willem Dafoe Harvey Keitel Jason Schwartzman Edward Norton

Wes Anderson’s brand of frenetic, witty energy is bursting from the seams in the new trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel. The comedy drama centres on a hotel concierge’s unlikely friendship with a lobby boy, and, as you’ve come to expect with an Anderson film, features an array of brilliant talent in its ranks.

The trailer for the film, which is due for release on March 7th in the U.S; February 28th in the U.K, is reminiscent of every film in Anderson’s showreel, but most notably, The Darjeeling Limited.

Some might see similarities to the hotel in The Royal TenenbaumsThe Grand Budapest Hotel - Some might see similarities to the hotel in The Royal Tenenbaums

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The Grand Budapest Hotel Trailer

Gustave H is a flamboyant and largely charismatic concierge at the Grand Budapest Hotel whose habit of getting a little too close to his guests and keeping them entertained at all hours has earned him legendary status among many of his peers. When he meets enthusiastic young lobby boy Zero Moustafa, Gustave trains him to be the best hotel worker he can and the pair become thick as thieves as they try and defend each other at all costs. When one of his more 'special' guests is found murdered, police accuse Gustave who does what any upstanding gentleman would do - runs. To the anger of the guest's son, he is bequeathed a valuable painting known as 'Boy With Apple' and now he finds himself on a cat and mouse chase with the victim's family and the police. Meanwhile, Zero meets the charming Agatha, who he's also desperate to protect as best he can.

'The Grand Budapest Hotel' is a heartwarming comedy about a very unusual friendship, directed and written by Wes Anderson ('Fantastic Mr. Fox', 'Rushmore', 'The Royal Tenenbaums'). It is based in 1920s Europe and truly reflects the glamour of the privileged in that decade. The movie is due to be released in the UK on February 28th 2014.

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Sarah Silverman Braves The Critics And Posts Failed NBC Pilot Online

Sarah Silverman Jeff Goldblum

You win some, you lose some – the latter has been the case for Sarah Silverman’s Susan 313 pilot. The show was to be picked up by NBC...until it wasn’t. The plot is fairly simple, though we trust that with Ms Silverman’s comedic ability, it could have been a smash success. 313 centers around Susan Farrow (Silverman), a recently single woman moving back into her old apartment building. It also stars (or starred, anyway) Tig Notaro, actress/Casey Wilson’s writing partner June Diane Raphael, and Harris Wittels, the Parks and Recreation writer. Oh, and there’s also Jeff Goldblum. We can’t imagine what went wrong there.

Sarah Silverman, The Walking Dead Screening
Silverman wasn't a sore loser.

It could have been a much needed breath of fresh air, a primetime female-driven comedy for NBC, unfortunately now the series will never get made. The good news is that fans of the comedienne will at least get to see the pilot, courtesy of Ms Silverman’s own YouTube channel. And yes, it is pretty funny. Any show, which features a Wreck-It-Ralph reference within its first minute must be worth its salt.

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"Le Week-End" Is Warm, Honest And Clever And That's Just The Critics Talking

Jim Broadbent Lindsay Duncan Jeff Goldblum

Le week-end is sweet, it’s quirky and it has its token dose of snark – the perfect combination to warm those chilly autumn nights. To top it all off, this Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan starrer is set in Paris, adding another dose of romance to the whole affair. The affair in question is a weekend getaway for an ageing couple, which leads them to reevaluate their relationship and their lives overall.

Watch the trailer below.

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Le Week-end Review


Like a 20-years-later sequel to Before Midnight, this sharply observant comedy-drama follows a couple through a soul-searching weekend in which they evaluate their relationship with real wit and emotion. And transparent performances make it something to savour, as it offers us a rare grown-up movie about real issues we can identify with.

As the title suggests, the weekend in question takes place in France, and it's a 30th anniversary treat for Nick and Meg (Broadbent and Duncan). They can't really afford a trip to Paris, especially after ditching their dodgy pre-booked hotel in lieu of something far nicer, but they figure out ways to make their time special. Meanwhile, they talk about their years together, and the hopes and regrets that are haunting their thoughts. There are some hard questions to ask about their future, even as they haven't lost that spark of sexuality. Then they run into Nick's old Cambridge pal Morgan (Goldblum), who invites them to a party where they meet academics and artists just like them. Which only makes them think even more.

The key issues for them include Nick's early retirement (for an ill-timed comment to a student) and Meg's desire to change her life completely. As they consider the options, their conversations drive the film forward forcefully, flowing through cycles of flirtation and laughter to bitterness and cruelty. The depth of their love is never in doubt, even as they wonder how secure their relationship actually is. Broadbent and Duncan play these scenes effortlessly, taking our breath away because it's all so honest, often both funny and scary at the same time.

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'Jurassic World' Is As Far As It Goes! No Real-Life Dinos, Says Scientist

Steven Spielberg Jeff Goldblum

For those of you who thought that Jurassic Park’s fiction could ever wake up one day and find itself fact will be disappointed. Just as the latest entry into the franchise is announced – Jurassic World – a scientist has burst a collective bubble that was swelling with the recent announcement.

Jurassic World

It re-enters the back of peoples’ minds every Christmas or Easter, when Jurassic Park reaches our tellyboxes. "Maybe…they could do that in real life. I mean, they can clone sheep now," people think. But science has an answer for you dreamers out there, and it’s no.

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The Dinos Are Back: 'Jurassic World' Will Hit Theatres June 2015

Steven Spielberg Richard Attenborough Jeff Goldblum Jurassic Park

Jurassic World will bring back dinosaurs to the big screen as the guys behind Jurassic Park have come back for a fourth time to release the exciting follow-up to 2001's Jurassic Park 3. The film has been given the official release date of June 12, 2015.

Steven Spielberg
Steven Spielberg will be returning to produce the film

As the Hollywood Reporter initially reported, Steven Spielberg, who produced and directed the first two films of the dino-resurrecting film, will be returning to only produce this time, alongside Frank Marshall and Pat Crowley. Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed) has been handed the reins to direct and will be working from a script drafted by Derek Connolly and re-worked on by himself.

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Living For 'Le Week-End' - Jim Broadbent And Lindsay Duncan Star [Trailer]

Jim Broadbent Lindsay Duncan Jeff Goldblum

We’ve seen screen-legends combine to bring us the other side of a ‘coming of age’ story before - The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel did it to some degree of success – and now we have Le Week-End, which see Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan’s characters head to the city of love to see if theirs can be reignited.

Jim Broadbent and Lindsay DuncanJim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan in le Week-end

The Guardian, on the strength of the film’s Toronto 2013 screening, certainly liked it, giving it four stars. “All three lead characters are brimful of insight, with Broadbent brilliant as a man berated by his wife, scorned by his employers, exploited by his son, and offered scant compensation from anyone,” says their review.

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Le Week-End Trailer

Meg and Nick are a seemingly devoted couple who venture to the romantic city of Paris on their thirtieth wedding anniversary in the hope of rekindling old feelings from their honeymoon. They may claim to love each other, but things are far from perfect in their relationship as their routine lifestyles have caused a dramatic rift between them without them even noticing. Their weekend is tainted by frequent arguments, though always warmed by frequent displays of affection and childish exploits. However, when they bump into old American friend who invites them for dinner at his Parisian apartment, they start to feel depressed that their lives are several shades less colourful than his with his gorgeous pregnant wife, success in the city and an impressive book deal. Will this long-devoted couple find peace within themselves to be content with one another? Or will Paris cause them to finally drift apart?

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A Week In Movies: Neeson Is Taken Again, Statham Goes Dramatic, Depp Cuts His Hair

Liam Neeson Jeff Goldblum Bill Pullman Seth Rogen Johnny Depp Tom Cruise Ryan Gosling Paul Rudd Emile Hirsch Michael Fassbender

Taken Poster

The big news this week is that a reported $20 million paycheque has lured Liam Neeson back for a third Taken movie. There's no word yet on the plot, but does it really matter? Meanwhile, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman will be back for Roland Emmerich's long-awaited sequel to his 1996 blockbuster Independence Day, although apparently Will Smith's character isn't in the script.

This week's top cinema releases include the animated sequel Despicable Me 2 and Jason Statham's dramatic thriller Hummingbird. which has been re-titled Redemption for its American release. Meanwhile, British audiences are catching up with Seth Rogen's A-list apocalyptic comedy This Is the End, while Americans have a chance to check out Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan as rogue mother-daughter vampires in Byzantium.

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Independence Day X 2 + (Jeff Goldblum + Bill Pullman) - Will Smith = Independence Day 2

Will Smith Jeff Goldblum Bill Pullman

It’s official Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman are back for the Independence Day Sequel – imaginatively named Independence Day 2. Will Smith, however, is too expensive, so he can’t come out to play.

Will SmithWill Smith and his son Jaden star in After Earth, which was so bad

Pullman played President Thomas J Whitmore, while Goldblum appeared as a geeky computer expert called David Levinson, and both characters will be returning to reprise those roles. Perhaps, with Smith rules out, Goldblum could prove to be an unlikely hero in this one. It might just not work though; Smith was a brilliant hero in the original 1996 film, and launched his Hollywood career off the back of it. So high was his launch, though, that his $50m 2-year deal request proved a little too steep.

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Good Genes Or Good Ops: Which Male Celebrities Don't Show Their Age?

Anthony Kiedis David Beckham Tom Cruise Jim Carrey George Clooney Eddie Murphy Wayne Coyne Colin Firth Antonio Banderas Bono Kevin Spacey Prince Donny Osmond Tom Hanks Christoph Waltz Anthony Bourdain Bruce Willis Jeff Daniels Rowan Atkinson Chris Noth Denzel Washington Liam Neeson Jeff Goldblum Bruce Springsteen Lionel Richie Jeff Bridges Samuel L Jackson Jeremy Irons David Letterman Ted Danson Harrison Ford Amitabh Bachchan Morgan Freeman Dustin Hoffman Dick Van Dyke Roger Moore Rolling Stones

We've all had that moment; looking at photos of our favourite celebs and then jumping out of our seats screaming, 'He's HOW old?!' Well, we've been doing a lot of that here at ContactMusic. Some stars seem to have crept up the age ladder pretty sneakily, the odd wrinkle and grey hair barely registering on our radar, while others don't seem to have aged at all! English football player David Beckham was in his twenties when he rose to global popularity and, looking at his recent H&M underwear advert, it seems that his iconic hairstyles and tattoos are our only way of working out the old from the newer pictures of him. However, he is only 37 and has plenty of time to catch up yet. It's the over-50s that have really had our mouths agape in recent times as we've been scouring the net for the most youthful looking middle to old aged stars. 

Anthony Kiedis, Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey

(Anthony Kiedis, Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey)

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Jurassic Park 3D Trailer

When John Hammond of genetic engineering company InGen manages to clone dinosaurs from prehistoric DNA on an island-turned-theme park, it didn't bode well for visitors. After his investors force him to enlist the help of two palaeontologists and a chaiotician to make sure that the park is safe enough to open to the public, things go badly wrong when a double-crossing InGen computer programmer attempts to steal dinosaur embryos for a rival company by deactivating the security system and releasing the dangerous creatures from their enclosures. The adventure becomes less of an exciting opportunity for exclusive access to new technology, and more of a deadly struggle to survive.

What's better than gigantic deadly dinos on cinema screen? Try gigantic deadly dinos in 3D! The triple Oscar winning 'Jurassic Park' is set to hit our screens again 20 years after it was first released. It was directed by Steven Spielberg ('Saving Private Ryan', 'Schindler's List', 'Jaws', 'E.T.') in 1993 after he adapted it from best-selling novelist Michael Crichton's book of the same name, with a screenplay co-written by Crichton and David Koepp ('Mission: Impossible', 'War of the Worlds', 'Angels & Demons'). It will arrive in 3D soon in the US on April 5th 2013.

Starring: Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough, Bob Peck, Martin Ferrero, Joseph Mazzello, Ariana Richards, Samuel L. Jackson, BD Wong, Wayne Knight, Gerald R. Molen, Miguel Sandoval, Cameron Thor, Christopher John Fields,

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Jeff Goldblum's Stalker Faces Prison After Violating Restraining Order

Jeff Goldblum

Not even a restraining order can stop Jeff Goldblum’s stalker from trying to get to see him, but maybe a prison sentence will. That’s the fate that now awaits Linda Ransom after she was arrested on Saturday night (November 3, 2012) for violating a three year restraining order that The Fly actor Goldblum had taken out on her earlier this year.

The whole thing spun out of control this summer, when Ransom was told to stay away from Goldblum for three years after she’d gotten into his property and also backstage to one of his events. In turn, Ransom had claimed she was only on the actor’s property because one of his employees had allegedly attacked her. It wasn’t a view that was widely shared in the court room though, and so she’s had to keep her distance.

She hasn’t though, and in Los Angeles at the weekend she was spotted just 20 yards away from the actor. Oh dear. This is some 80 yards inside the 100 yard limit that had been imposed on her in June. Ransom was spotted by security at Ahmanson Theater where Goldblum was holding a seminar, the Los Angeles Country Sherriff's Department confirmed to E! News. Ransom was arrested and booked at East Los Angeles Sheriff's Station where she is being held in lieu of $20,000 bail. She first met Goldblum while attending one of his acting classes 11 years ago.

Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie Trailer

Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim are given one billion dollars to make a movie by the Schlaaang Corporation. Instead, the pair spend nearly all of the money and use what little they have remaining to make a three minute movie, which turns out to be a disappointment.

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Video - Jeff Goldblum Responds To Jurassic Park IV Rumours

Jeff Goldblum spotted walking down Santa Monica Blvd in Los Angeles with a friend. The actor, sporting a smart ensemble of hat, shirt and tie, was quizzed on Jurassic IV. The project is likely to go ahead, but the casting of Goldblum and co-star Sam Neil remain rumours.

When asked about the movie, Jeff simply shrugged his shoulders and gave a wry smile. When one reporter claimed he wanted to see Goldblum back on screen, the actor chuckled and said, "Oh, you're so nice"

Video - Jeff Goldblum Visits Great Earth Vitamins In Los Angel

Jeff Goldblum, the American actor best known for his roles in blockbusters 'The Fly' and 'Jurassic Park', spotted walking down Santa Monica Blvd with a friend. Wearing a trilby style hat with shirt and tie, Goldblum headed into the 'Great Earth Vitamins' store, where British comedian Russell Brown was spotted shopping last month.

On leaving the store, Goldblum told reporters he wished he could stop and chat, but had to leave. He and Sam Neil are rumoured to be appearing in the forthcoming 'Jurassic Park IV'

Video - Jeff Goldblum And A Friend Leaving Hugo's Restaurant

Actor Jeff Goldblum, best known for his role as Dr Ian Malcolm in the Jurassic Park films and his role as Detective Zach Nichols on the American crime drama "Law & Order: Criminal Intent", leaves Hugo's restaurant with a friend

Morning Glory Trailer

Working in television is a cut-throat industry, keep your figures up or get out. After losing her job on a local news show Becky Fuller finds herself at a loose end. Far and few opportunities arise for her until she's offered the job of producing a morning television show called Daybreak.

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The Switch Review

A slightly more serious take on the rom-com, this film benefits hugely from its likeable cast even though the script lets frequently them down. But at least it's dealing with some meaningful topics along the way.

Kassie (Aniston) is a professional woman in New York who has given up waiting for Mr Right and starts looking for a sperm donor. This rather unsettles her best friend Wally (Bateman), who has always had a crush on her but was afraid to tell her. When Kassie finds the perfect man (Wilson), her plan moves ahead, but Wally drunkenly makes a last-minute switch. Seven years later, Kassie returns to New York with her little boy (Robinson). Wally realises what has happened, but he's even more afraid to break the news now.

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The Switch Trailer

Kassie is ready to have a baby, the problem is she isn't in a relationship and doesn't plan on settling down with a certain someone anytime soon. After much deliberation she decides that she's going to find a sperm donor and raise the child on her own. To Kassie the idea is absolutely fine but her best friend Wally is, to say the least, a little dubious that it's a good idea. Kassie throws a party to celebrate her last night of drinking and un-motherhood and she invites all her friends including Wally but when he gets a little too drunk he accidentally spills the donors sample Wally goes to extreme measures to cover up the accident and replaces the specimen with some of his own.

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Cats & Dogs Review

I have officially reached my quota for the year of talking animal movies. Dr. Dolittle 2 pushed me to the edge, and the animatronic animal flick Cats & Dogs has pushed right over it, into a giddy oblivion where I now firmly believe purple dinosaurs can communicate with humans through song and dance.

Cats & Dogs is ridiculous and harmless, a Mission: Impossible for the animal world. For years, a secret high-tech espionage war has been waged between the feline and canine races, right under the noses of ignorant humans. The spark of this high-tech war came about as the result of the dog race overthrowing the then-dominating cat race during ancient Egyptian times (they even ruled the human race). Man's best friend re-established the humans as the dominant race and has protected that balance for years. And a breakthrough for dogs is approaching, as one human, Professor Brody (Jeff Goldblum), is on the verge of discovering an allergy vaccine which will enable all humans and dogs to co-exist in peace. The only problem is that the diabolic Mr. Tinkle (voiced by Sean Hayes), a furry white Persian with the attitude of Richard Grant's character from Hudson Hawk, and his small army of pesky felines have "cat-knapped" the family dog Buddy, who has been guarding the Professor and his family from the tuna-breathed fiends. The bodyguard job then falls on the shoulders of a Beagle pup named Lou (voiced by Toby Maguire) -- who is mistaken as a secret agent dog by an Anatolian Shepard named Butch (voiced by Alec Baldwin).

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Mini's First Time Review

In life, there are perpetual ups and downs. Example: After playing Lex Luthor with enough menacing glee to sustain a franchise let alone one film, Kevin Spacey goes and puts his hard earned time and money into producing Mini's First Time. At its Tribeca Film Fest premiere, it was obvious this film was going to get picked up (look at that cast!), but there were few other films less worthy of distribution.

Book-ended by a infuriatingly obvious graduation speech, the film kicks off with Mini (Nikki Reed) explaining how she needs to be a hooker, because modern, rich life is too damn easy. Her trick this evening just happens to be Martin (Alec Baldwin), her stepfather, who somehow doesn't notice the voice of his stepdaughter and agrees to turn off the lights for the entirety of the night. When confronted, Martin is apprehensive, but Mini sees opportunity in this equation. She quickly makes Martin a sex slave and devises a plan to get Diane (Carrie-Anne Moss), her mom sent to the looney bin, allowing for her and Martin to not have to hide their affair. Well, things go bad: Diane dies from an overdose, their neighbor (Jeff Goldblum) gets suspicious, and Detective Garson (Luke Wilson, for some reason) starts snooping around. Soon, Martin and Mini start questioning each other's motives.

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The Fly Review

The most horrific aspect of David Cronenberg's version of The Fly is that it's a pretty earnest relationship drama. Not because the hindered courtship of girl reporter Geena Davis by scientist-fly hybrid Jeff Goldblum (what, did I give it away?) is embarrassing, like so many love stories pasted onto genre movies. Quite the contrary. The tension between these two characters - their moments of happiness and the botched science experiment that comes between them - is exactly what makes the film so harrowing.

Oh, and maybe also the brilliantly grotesque makeup by Chris Walas and Stephan Dupuis, who won an Oscar for their efforts. But The Fly is never dependent on this impressive craftwork. Cronenberg doesn't skimp on his trademark gooeyness, but doles it out selectively. Creepiness finds other, relatively dry and goo-free places to emerge. A scene of Seth Brundle (Goldblum), after he unwittingly shares a teleportation trip with a common housefly, rising in the middle of the night and performing amazing gymnastic feats becomes unnerving as the camera lingers on a long shot of his spinning, soaring body. Veronica Quaife (Davis) looks on, silent and still, unsure of what to do; tension rises in the scene because of the characters, not just because you don't expect to see Jeff Goldblum doing flips on the parallel bars.

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Nashville Review

Call me a heathen. I don't like Nashville.

Possibly the most celebrated film of the 1970s -- at least among film snob circles -- Robert Altman's sprawling case study of five days in the Tennessee city is self-absorbed, overwrought, and dismissive. Nor is it particularly well-made, with poor sound (even after being remastered for its DVD release) and washed-out photography, not to mention a running time (2:40) that's at least an hour too long.

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Powder Review

Once in awhile, Hollywood manages to surprise me with an uncompromising film full of genuine emotion and enough to make you really think. Powder was completely unexpected: it's easily one of the best films I've seen all year.

Something of an updated, hybridized E.T., Powder is the story of an albino teenager (Sean Patrick Flanery) with strange powers of telekinesis, empathy, and the ability to channel and absorb raw energy. As Powder says, "I'm not like other people." That's putting it lightly.

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