Jeff Tremaine regrets cutting a male strip club scene out of 'Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa'.

The 47-year-old director claims a ''vulgar'' albeit ''funny'' scene which has male lead Johnny Knoxville - who plays Irving Zisman - suffer a wardrobe malfunction where his ''pants'' accidentally drop and ''prosthetic comes out'', should have been kept in the comedy which was released in October 2013.

Asked what he has added to the DVD release, he told ''Well, my very favourite thing, the thing I wish I put back in the movie, is in the male strip club where Johnny Knoxville is chasing everyone and his pants fall down and the prosthetic comes out. There's a dance pole - it's a quick scene - but right as the chaos is happening, Knoxville takes it to the stripper pole.

''Oh my god - it's just so funny. It's a little bit vulgar, I guess, but it's still funny. But it's not so much adding new scenes as it is opening them up more.''

Tremaine shot excess scenes for the film and spent a lot of time cutting them down to tell the story coherently.

He added: ''God - we shot over sixty days. And when we're shooting - sometimes we're shooting up to sixteen cameras. So I don't want to do the math there... A lot more than probably any movie ever made.''