Watchmen star Jeffrey Dean Morgan is blaming the mystery box at the centre of his new horror movie The Possession for sparking the storage fire that destroyed props used in the film.
In the movie, which is based on a true story, the actor plays the father of a young girl who buys an antique box containing the spirit of an ancient demon carrying an evil curse.
And Morgan insists that simply making the film about the subject led to a lot of strange occurrences on the set.
He tells WENN, "There were some seemingly haunted things happening. It started off with key lights exploding in the midst of doing scenes three or four times. We were shooting on a sound stage without windows and doors that were all closed. There were no fans and suddenly we were hit with a gust of cold wind."
But the weirdest thing happened after cast and crew completed the shoot: "All of our props were put into a storage facility after we wrapped in case we needed to do reshoots and the Divick box we used in the movie was of course one of those props, and the storage unit burned to the ground soon after it was put in.
"Rumour has it the Vancouver police looked into it and it wasn't arson or an electrical fire; it started from within the storage unit, which there was no one in! We're gonna make a movie Possession 2 just about the storage unit. I was a skeptic going into this movie and I'm a little less of a skeptic now because of all the craziness that ensued."