Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has vowed to cut back on his swearing, because his young son is repeating every word he hears.
The star's actress girlfriend Hilarie Burton gave birth to little Gus in March, 2010, and the tot's speech skills are picking up pace - much to Morgan's horror.
He tells Us Weekly, "I took him to dinner the other night and he said, 'Bulls**t!' I couldn't believe it... It made me laugh a lot. I was like, 'I really gotta start watching my language, 'cause, man, he is repeating everything he hears! But I'm a much better father than that! It's maybe not the best story to tell, but it did make me laugh."
But Morgan is adamant he's enjoying fatherhood, especially since filming ended on his new U.S. series Magic City.
He adds, "It's been amazing. I spend my whole day with him. Since we wrapped this show, I've purposely not done anything, so it's been daddy-kid time. I've let mum go and do a job, and I just really want to spend time with him."