When 30.08.2012

'The Possession' stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Natasha Calis talk about supernatural happenings on set, the true story of the dibbuk box and their yard sale experiences in a satellite interview in promotion of their recently released horror movie. Morgan explains that he 'was a sceptic going into this movie' and is 'less of a sceptic now' due to various unexplained events while he was filming for the flick that's based on a true story. 'It started off with key lights exploding', he said and Calis adds that they also felt cold winds when there were no open windows or doors. They also mention how all the props went up in flames in a storage unit without any explanation when they placed the replica dibbuk box inside.

According to Calis, the subject of the real story offered to bring in the genuine box to the set, but they firmly declined. The actors reveal that they have little yard sale experience but Calis does recall borrowing sunscreen at one once


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