TV show Burn Notice is to air its final episode this evening (12th September) after seven seasons and 110 episodes. For fans of the show, this may be a hard concept to deal with - the series has been on screens since 2007 and has built up a steadfast following over the years. The fans won't be disappointed with the season seven's send-off, however: an emotional and action-packed show is promised.

Burn Notice Cast
The Burn Notice Cast At The Show's Wrap Party.

"There's a very tight-knit family of cast members. and one of us dies in the series finale," Burn Notice star Jeffrey Donovan tells Showbiz Tonight. "It's a tragic death, but also a heroic death. But when people watch it, they'll realize it was a necessary death."

The show's creator and executive producer, Matt Nix, muses on just how long the show's been running for. "My youngest son was born during the shooting of the pilot and he's now old enough to read some of the scripts," he laughs. "It's very weird."

Season seven's final episode will pick up where the previous left off: Michael Westin (Donovan) is being forced to choose between his allegiance to James' terrorist organisation and his volatile lover Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar).

Nix explains to TV Guide how the final episode won't be as cut and dried as "good vs. evil." "In the last season, I didn't want it to be about: Now Michael is going up against a really, really, really bad guy who is really, really, really clever. Will he defeat him? Uh, yeah, he probably will." Nix says.

Jeffrey Donovan Gabrielle Anwar
Jeffrey Donovan & Gabrielle Anwar Celebrate The Show Coming To An End.

"His adversary is someone he likes and believes. His allies are people he doesn't like and doesn't believe in so there isn't really a clear adversary. So what Michael is dealing with are his own demons and how does he battle his own ambitions," he continues, adding "How does he reconcile family and career and what he wants to do in the world and the people that he cares about?"

Matt Nix Jeffrey Donovan
Executive Producer Matt Nix & Jeffrey Donovan Say Goodbye To The Show.

Weston's conundrum arrives just as James' plot against the CIA is kicking off which, Nix says, will enable his character to confront those who burned him and practically forced him into exile. "I had always had the idea that from very early in the show that, at some point, Michael would be confronting, essentially, the opportunity to become a version of the people that destroyed him, that burned him," Nix reveals.

"In thinking about how did Michael Westin get burned, I had always had the idea: Well, organizations don't start thinking, 'Let's do evil things.' That's not why actual human beings found organizations. They have some aspiration to do good," he added.

Burn Notice's series finale will air Thursday at 9/8c on USA.