Fans of HBO comedy-series 'Flight of the Conchords' should look away now. You were probably re-watching the previous two seasons after hearing about a renewal, right? Well it's not happening.

Flight of the ConchordsBret McKenzie [L] and Jemaine Clement [R] will not be making any more 'Flight of the Conchords'. Yet. [Getty/Steven Lovekin]

It seems some of us got over-excited after Conchords star Jemaine Clement commented in an interview with the Guardian that "it was supposed to be this year." What many took for a new season of Flight was actually in reference to a new four episode comedy, entirely separate to the classic show.

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"Before this rumour gets out of hand - we are not working on a 4 ep Conchords show for hbo," Clement tweeted Tuesday night. "I am working on another idea with them though, hence the mix-up."

Sad news - but don't despair. Clement said that he and co-star Bret McKenzie still throw around ideas for a movie adaptation.

"We talk about a movie every so often," he said, "Sometimes it feels like we lost a lot of impetus over the last couple of years. But Bret, [lead director] James [Bobin] and me, we all want to do a musical. It would be good to do something all together.I miss playing Flight of the Conchords gigs."

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Starting out life as a BBC Radio show, 'Flight of the Conchords' soon developed a cult-following and found a home at HBO. The show followed fictionalized versions of Clement and McKenzie as they struggle to find gigs and jobs in New York City. In 2009, the pair announced they would not be making a third season but did tour a successful live show.

Clement has appeared in Rio and Men in Black 3 recently, while McKenzie won an Academy Award for Best Original Song, for 'Man or Muppet' from 2011's The Muppets. 

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