Jenna Bush Hager issued a tearful apology on the ‘Today’ show to her colleagues, the morning after she made a blunder on the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards when she made a reference to “Hidden Fences”.

The 35 year old journalist – and the daughter of former president George W. Bush – recognised her mistake when speaking to her NBC colleagues Natalie Morales and Al Roker on Monday morning (January 9th).

“I thought last night was terrific. There were a lot of great moments,” she said during the 8am segment, reporting on the evening’s goings-on. “Viola Davis was one of my favourites when she said to Meryl Streep, 'You made me feel like enough.' I thought that was a beautiful speech.”

Jenna Bush HagerJenna Bush Hager mixed up 'Hidden Figures' and 'Fences' on the Golden Globes red carpet

However, she then addressed the backlash that greeted her online after she made the blunder, seeming to confuse two films that were the centre of attention at the awards ceremony that night.

While interviewing Pharrell Williams, who composed original music for Hidden Figures, she called the movie “Hidden Fences” – alluding to the Denzel Washington and Viola Davis movie Fences, which is also doing the rounds in awards season. She carried on like a professional, but Pharrell was seen to pull a distinctly unimpressed face.

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“I had an error in the night, which I have to apologize for,” she said. “When I was interviewing the incomparable Pharrell, who I adore, I accidentally - in the electricity of the red carpet, which I have never done before - I called Hidden Figures 'Hidden Fences’.”

Social media was quick to pounce on the mistake, with some even accusing Bush Hager of racism for mixing up two movies whose stars are black.

“I have seen both movies. I thought they were both brilliant,” she continued. “I have interviewed casts from both of the movies. If I offended people, I am deeply sorry. It was a mistake, because you all know, I am not perfect. I am authentic but a human. What I didn't want to do is make anybody feel lesser than who they are. So, anyway, I hope… I apologized to both the cast, to Pharrell, but it was a mistake and I hope we can all move on.”

Bush Hager emphasised that she wasn’t looking for sympathy and didn’t want to excuse herself from her mistake. “I do apologize and I hope they know how brilliant those films are. I did not want to make anybody feel lesser.”

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