Jenna Dewan tried not to fight with husband Channing Tatum on their new movie.

The 'Magic Mike' actor is a producer on 'Ten Years' in which he and his wife both star and Jenna admitted it was sometimes difficult to take orders from her spouse.,

She said: ''Channing was a producer. So when he'd tell me to do things differently, I'd have to remind myself to listen to him rather than fight. But there was no bickering on set.''

Jenna also revealed she, Channing and their castmates loved relaxing with karaoke after a day of shooting.

She told Us Weekly magazine: ''My go to song is 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot', I'm such a closeted pop star. When I do karaoke, it's my time to shine.''

Although they have had some fights shooting 'Ten Years', Jenna admits he is a great co-star because he is so supportive before scenes.

The 31-year-old brunette beauty said: ''Chan is the perfect co-star. I met him doing 'Step Up' so there's a natural chemistry. He's patient, supporting and a hard worker. He makes things easy.''