Jenna Dewan has found breastfeeding her son to be ''challenging''.

The 39-year-old actress welcomed her son Callum into the world with her fiancé Steve Kazee in March this year, and has said that whilst breastfeeding her first child - daughter Everly, seven, whom she has with her ex-husband Channing Tatum - was a breeze, things have been much more tricky the second time around.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Jenna explained: ''Ohhh breastfeeding. It's incredible and it can also be really challenging. At least it was for me the second time around. From latching issues, to my son loving one side vs. another, making more milk, when to pump... EVERYTHING was different (sic)''

The 'Step Up' star says she turned to an app named Peanut to help her get the answers she was looking for after struggling to feed her son.

Jenna spoke to other mothers who had endured the same setbacks as her, and heaped praise on the app - which helps women build community, get advice and share their stories about motherhood and fertility

She added: ''I found myself asking a lot of questions. I had a look on the @peanut app to see if other moms were going through the same challenges...turns out they have a group especially for breastfeeding and I picked up so many helpful tips. There really is no other advice that compares to other moms who have been in exactly the same situation. I always believe that when women come together and share knowledge, we are so powerful. If you're a mama, mama-to-be or you're trying to conceive, check it out! #peanutapp (sic)''

And whilst she's been getting tips from other mothers on social media, Jenna is impressed with Steve's fathering skills.

She previously wrote on social media that watching him become a father was ''one of the greatest things'' she's ever seen, and gushed over how ''lucky'' she felt to have him by her side.

She wrote: ''Seeing you become a father is one of the greatest things I've ever witnessed. The depth of emotion you feel, the love you share, the insane ability you have to do it ALL for all of us .. we are so lucky. (sic)''