Jenna Coleman ''definitely'' wants to have children one day.

The 34-year-old actress - who reportedly split from actor Tom Hughes last month - has revealed she's keen to have kids in the future, but knows her career makes it difficult to start a family.

Jenna said: ''I mean, how on earth you manage it in this industry, I have no idea.

''Hopefully that will maybe be faced sometime soon: sets with more creches for children, things like that. I can't quite comprehend how that would possibly work, but I would definitely like children one day.''

Jenna has learned not to make too many concrete plans during the course of her career.

The brunette beauty described the last few years as ''wonky''.

She told the October issue of Tatler magazine: ''As you get older, you realise there's no point in trying to control certain aspects. You have to roll with the punches.

''I mean, these past few years have been wonky, haven't they? You can't really make plans, because you might get hit by a pandemic.''

Jenna has starred in the TV drama 'Victoria' since 2016, and she's suggested she'd like to reprise the role of Queen Victoria for a fourth season of the show.

The actress - who met Tom, 35, through 'Victoria' - said: ''There may be another series.''

However, Jenna joked she may need to don a ''fat suit'' in order to play the monarch once again.

She quipped: ''I mean, do I get into a fat suit? Do I get into prosthetics? ... God, I'd take that over a corset any day.

''I've done three years of those ... I'm, like, 'Bring on the fat suit! It's fine!'''

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