Who else let out a squeal of delight when J.Crew Creative Director Jenna Lyons popped up as Hannah’s GQ editor in HBO sitcom, Girls? Jenna is one of the baddest fashion gals about, and has never been afraid to take risks in every walk of her life (one of the main reasons we love her so much). Jenna has previously admitted that she is a fan of Girls, explaining that even though she receives over 200 emails a day she still manages to keep up to date with episodes of the hit show.

jenna lyons girlsLyons admitted she is a fan of the HBO sitcom, Girls

Lyons first met show creator, Lena Dunham, at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards when Lena accepted an award she had won and took the chance to publicly (and jokingly) thank Jenna for making her wear shorts. Jenna went up to Lena after the dinner and apologised after which the two made fast friends and have maintained a closeness since.

Jenna’s cameo came as a surprise to her while she was abroad in Barcelona. Dunham text her explaining that she was working on a character inspired by Lyons, asking if she would play the role herself. Lyons immediately agreed (although admits that after her initial ‘yes’ she panicked and asked what exactly the role entailed).

Jenna’s cameo as straight-talking editor can’t have come at a more poignant time in Dunham’s career. Dunham was recently featured in a photo shoot on the cover of US Vogue; she looked absolutely fierce and the interview was, unsurprisingly, a success. However, the controversy started up when women’s interests blog, Jezebel, offered $10,000 for the unretouched photos of the 27 year old. The blog purports to have a feminist agenda, yet Dunham has since slammed the site, explaining “It’s hard to enjoy once you feel like they’ve made such a monumental error in their approach to feminism”.

Jezebel did eventually manage to get their hands on the photos, which actually appeared to have very little photoshopping in the end. The images were lightened, Dunham’s waist very slightly cinched and the top of her dress raised to reveal less cleavage. If Jezebel were trying to prove that Vogue wouldn’t allow a real woman on their cover, then sadly this attempt can certainly go into the ‘Fail‘ pile.

Jenna LyonsJenna Lyons On The Red Carpet

Jenna’s scenes for Girls were filmed before the Jezebel/Lena Dunham debacle, yet with uncanny foresight, Dunham predicts how the world perceives a fashionista views a ‘normal’ woman. Lyons’ character disdainfully looks at Hannah and her snack collection before snidely remarking “I see you found the snack room”.

Jenna and Lena’s real life alliance conjoins their two worlds, silently offering up a huge ‘Scr*w you!’ to Jezebel. The site, for their sins, will also be reminded of their embarrassing and misdirected mishap each time Lyons appears in the show (which we hope will be regularly from now on).