In a rather unsavoury update to an already tragic story, two cops are being questioned over the alleged looting of Jenni Rivera’s plane, which crashed, killing her and everyone on board, Sky News reports.

Mexican officials have confirmed that the investigation started due to photos discovered on the cop’s cell phone, which, rather disturbingly, contained scenes of the wreckage, body parts and personal documents. Since then, those investigating the case have found items belonging to the victims in the officer’s houses. Government officials confirmed that they arrested the policeman, along with the second officer, who is 24. The horrible crash occurred on Wednesday, when the jet descended near vertical, attaining speeds of over 600 mph before impact. Elsewhere in this complicated case, the US Drug Enforcement Administration is investigating the company which owns a luxury jet that crashed, killing the Mexican pop superstar. The DEA confirmed on Thursday that earlier this year it seized two planes belonging to Starwood Management in Texas and Arizona, The Guardian Reports.

The man widely believed to be behind the aviation company is an ex-convict named Christian Esquino. The 50-year-old Mexican was indicted in Florida in the early 1990s along with 12 other defendants in a major cocaine smuggling investigation. Since then, he served about five months in prison before being released, despite being sentenced to 5 years for conspiring to conceal money from the tax authorities.