'The Big Bang Theory' has just been renewed for three more seasons meaning it will soon join the elite group of shows who have made it to the ten seasons landmark. This illustrious group is not easy to get in to, but a few other well loved series have managed to wrangle a membership. So what other long-running shows will the 'The Big Bang Theory'  soon be joining the ranks of?

Big Bang TheoryThe Big Bang Theory Will Make It To Ten Seasons


Can you believe that it’s been a decade since ‘Friends’ was last on our screens? Ok, can you also believe that we followed the lives of Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandlar, Monica and Pheobe for ten seasons! Yes between 1994 and 2004 the only place to get a coffee was at Central Perk, during the show's run of 236 episodes. Even though the show ended a decade ago, thanks to constant repeats we haven’t forgotten our six favourite ‘Friends’and many out there are still hoping one day we'll find ourselves back in New York catching up with familar faces.


'Cheers' ran for 11 seasons between 1982 and 1993, during which time we’re were all welcome to go hang out at the bar 'where everybody knows your name. Sam, Woody, Norm and Cliff were just some of the patrons of ‘Cheers’ that audience got to know during its lengthly run. Of course not everybody lasted at cheers for all 11 seasons, one particularly smart customer left Boston for Seattle after the fifth season and ended up earning his own place on the list.

FraiserDr Fraiser Crane let us on his couch for 11 seasons


Yes after leaving 'Cheers', Kelsey Grammer got his own show as Dr Fraiser Crane in 1993 and it ended up running for 11 seasons . With a smart and witty script plus the addition of Frasier’s brother Niles and father Martin, the show became one of America’s best loved comedies. It also often harked back to its roots, featuring many 'Cheers' cast cameos along the way.  Who said spin-offs were always a bad idea?

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