Jennifer Aniston could well be set for her most surprising role yet, after the creators of hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother suggested the former Friends actress could be the elusive 'mother' that the show has yet to reveal, despite running for seven seasons.
Creators of the show Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are known for pulling out tricks and twists (getting Katie Holmes to play the mysterious Slutty Pumpkin character) and the duo have been discussing whether 'The Mother' will be revealed before the show comes to an end. Speaking to E! Online, Bays explained, "We kind of know what the endgame of the series is. It's obvious this show is around one central question (who is the mother), so that meeting will be part of the endgame of the show. How much the show will go beyond that, we can't really say one way or the other". The casting of the mother is described as "very tough" by the creators, though Bays entertained one surprising idea, saying, "There's one school of thought where she turns around and it's Jennifer Aniston, some huge star. Or you might want someone you've never seen before". It is likely that after six years on the air, the producers will want to go out with a bang and therefore enlist a well-known actress to play the mother - Aniston would certainly fit the bill.
How I Met Your Mother, starring Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel, has been a critical success since its first season in 2005. It is the winner of five Emmy Awards and has received consistently strong ratings - a rarity in the American television world.