Jennifer Aniston stole one of the dresses from the 'Friends' set - and she still wears it now.

The 52-year-old actress - who played Rachel Green in the US sitcom - has revealed she nabbed one of Monica's dresses from the set and still likes to wear the gown from time to time.

Speaking to People magazine about the dress she took, she said: "I went into her line of clothes and I pulled out a dress that Monica wore. I still have it and wear it to this day and it fits. It's floral with black lace, tiny little flowers, a V-neck and little ruffle cap sleeves."

Jennifer previously revealed she was "cleaning out her closet" whilst she was in self-isolation.

During a phone call with Ellen DeGeneres, and broadcasted as part of her Instagram show, she said: "I'm actually still cleaning out my closet. That's still happening ... Well, I do suggest a good spring clean right now while we're at it. That can't hurt. Books are great, obviously."

And when it comes to beauty, Jennifer admits she has a big "pet peeve" and she hates it when someone else's fragrance rubs off on her, especially when it's "some really horrible scent".

She explained: "No one wants to go into an elevator and then walk out smelling like someone else! That's something I have a pet peeve about: Someone giving you a hug and they're loaded with some really horrible scent and you're just like, 'Oh now I smell like that person for the rest of the day!' I hate that."