We're just not quite sure how we feel about Jennifer Aniston’s recent admission that, if she could, she would trade bodies with Gisele Bundchen for the day. “Just ‘cause, why not?”, the 45 year old actress gave as her explanation to People magazine.

jennifer aniston gisele bodyJennifer Aniston has always been famous for her toned figure

On the one hand, it is refreshing to hear a star be honest and express how pretty much every other woman in the world feels. Who wouldn’t want to know what it feels like to have Gisele’s supermodel figure for just one day? Although, it would be impossible to go back to normal ever again afterwards!

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On the other hand, Jennifer Aniston is famed for her super toned body, which has always been envied by other women, way back since her days on hit sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. While she may not be a Victoria’s Secret supermodel, Jennifer’s body has, on more than one occasion, been hailed as one of the best celebrity bodies in the world, if not the best. She’s always been famed for her fitness and her almost inhumanely honed figure, which we can only imagine takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to maintain.  Jennifer Aniston has always been one of those celebrities who women have been able to look at and think "Yeah, she works hard, she should be proud of her body".  Never underweight or overweight, she has always been the perfect balance of fit but still feminine.  She’s also never seemed afraid to flaunt what she’s got, and so she shouldn’t! How many women in their mid-forties would have been happy to perform that scene in Meet the Millers

What message is Jennifer Aniston really sending out by saying that she isn’t entirely satisfied with her body and considers another woman to have a more desireable one than she does? We understand that she may not have been entirely serious when she said it, but celebrities are often misquoted and need to be very careful about what they say.  It definitely doesn't promote healthy body image and self-esteem for her more easily influenced female fans. 

gisele jennifer anistonJennifer said she would like to trade bodies with Gisele

For women who have always envied Aniston it begs disbelief that she would express any desire to change, even if it was an attempt at expressing humility or, more likely, as a flippant joke. It also may come as a kick in the teeth to women who don’t have super fit bodies like the Bruce Almighty star, because surely, if Jennifer Aniston can’t be happy with her body there really is no hope for the rest of us!

What did you make of Jennifer saying that she would swap bodies with Gisele?  Should it be taken seriously or was the actress just kidding? 

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