Jennifer Aniston continues to be adored by the public with her performance in We're the Millers being highly praised. Her raunchy one liners and stripper scene have been remarked upon favourably. Travelling around the world on her promotional tour, she was in London on Wednesday (14th August) evening for the UK premiere of her latest film.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston at the London premiere of We're the Millers.

Aniston is a rare phenomenon as she's an actress who appeals to both sexes. According to a report in the Express, film expert Neil Norman said her popularity stems from her classic Girl-Next-Door looks and roles. He said: "she's kooky but not too kooky, pretty without being threateningly so." He went on to comment on her performance that she "possesses a generosity in the way she performs on screen that enables her to make whoever she's playing opposite look good."

Since beginning her promotional tour for We're the Millers, Aniston has captivated media outlets. This outpouring of interest has caused rumours to run amuck. In the last fortnight, if the rumours are to be believed: Aniston hosted a secret wedding/birthday party and is currently pregnant. She laughed off these rumours during a recent interview in Australia, but speculation still continues.  

However, Aniston may not be as lovable in person as she is on screen. Not if her dealings with her employees are anything to go by as she may be facing legal woes back home. According to TMZ, she is being sued by building contractors for neglecting to pay for their work on her Bel Air home.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston at the Berlin premiere of We're the Millers.

Aniston allegedly requested J.R.Darnall Associates Inc. build a decking area at her Bel Air mansion. The company previously did some work on her home in October 2012, so when she asked they erect decking for a party, they agreed. According to the report, Aniston called the company claimed there was a leak in the decking. They said they'd send round a surveyor but Aniston, by that stage, had ordered the decking to be removed. 

Since they have not heard anything more from the We're the Millers actress, the company have turned to legal action. A lawsuit was filed by J.R.Darnell at L.A. County Superior Court. The building contractors intend to sue the actress for non-payment. 

The decking cost $43 710 to build. Quite an expensive building project for the sake of one evening, although fairly cheap if you don't pay for it!

See Aniston in We're the Millers, out in US cinemas now, and due to be released in the UK on August 23rd. 

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston with her We're the Millers co-star Jason Sudeikis at the London premiere.