We're The Millers enjoys is first day of release today (7th August) in the USA after a shocking reported case of domestic violence marred its early outlook. What looked like the perfect recipe for comedy delight: SNL star Jason Sudeikis, The Hangover's Ed Helms and Horrible Bosses' Jennifer Aniston seems to have fallen a little flat at the hands of critics.

jason sudeikis
Jason Sudeikis Plays The Small-Time Drug Dealer Paying Off His Debts.

Having earned herself the unsavoury moniker of 'Boyfriend Batterer', young actress Emma Roberts experienced a potentially career-damaging incident at the start of the We're The Millers press tour. She and her boyfriend were involved in an altercation that left the Kickass actor Evan Peters, bloodied, bitten and bruised. The 22 year-old actress was arrested and held but soon released after Peters chose not to press charges. The incident impeded the positive press towards the film this time last month due to reporters only being interested in the alleged case of physical assault. However, it seems that a purely dodgy plotline is the main aspect souring critics' reviews upon the movie's release.

Check out the We're The Millers trailer right here:

The premise is certainly a unique and intriguing one: a pot dealer enlists a fake family in a plan to go undercover in a huge shipment of marijuana from Mexico over the US border. Jennifer Aniston plays the stripper "wife" whose skills are repeatedly exhibited for the film whilst Jason Sudeikis plays Dave Clark, a low-level dope dealer who agrees to take on a big job to pay off his debt to his big dog supplier, played by Ed Helms.

Emma Roberts
Seems As Though It Wasn't Emma Roberts Creating All The Bad Press: It's Just Not A Good Film.

Emma Roberts and Will Poulter play the recruited kids whose job it is to make "the Millers" look like a wholesome, all-American family - with many predictable downfalls. The Hollywood Reporter describes the summer comedy caustically as "An inane little time-killer with enough low laughs to placate undemanding audiences."

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Anistons Gets Her Kit Off Many Times But Can This Maintain Interest?

However, The New York Times remarks that although the plotline is "loose," "halfheartedly raunchy" and only "occasionally hilarious," "what really drives the movie is its own search for something to make fun of, and for a comic style that can feel credibly naughty while remaining ultimately safe and affirmative." The New York Daily News is titillated by Aniston's stripping for a little while but states plainly that the film is "irritating" and gets on your nerves with "gags you see coming a mile away."

Clearly, not the most enthusiastic picture is being painted of Dodgeball director Rawson Marshall Thurber's new comedy but for cheap laughs, tarantula attacks, occasionally sweet moments and plenty of drug-related hijinks, head to the cinema if you've nothing better to do this summer break.

Released today in the US and Canada, in the UK on 23rd August.