Jennifer Connelly and her family have found quarantining ''really difficult''.

The 49-year-old actress and her husband Paul Bettany are living in Vermont with their youngest children Stellan, 16, and Agnes, eight, rather than their primary home in New York during the coronavirus pandemic and they are struggling with the lack of ''human connection'' with other people.

She told emmy magazine: ''I can't remember if it's three weeks or four weeks now that we've been here. We don't go anywhere.

''The other day, the UPS guy came, and the kids got so excited. They were like, 'We haven't seen a person in a week! Can we watch?' And I was like, 'Yeah. Sure.'

''And they literally sat on the staircase and watched as I opened the door and waved and talked to the UPS guy from a distance.

''That human connection, not having that contact, has been really difficult for everyone.''

The 'Beautiful Mind' actress is also finding it hard being away from her oldest son, 22-year-old Kai, who is in Los Angeles.

She said: ''We haven't gone this long without seeing him. Ever!''

The 'Snowpiercer' actress is looking forward to social distancing measures being eased so she can stage a ''huge gathering'' for all her loved ones.

She said: ''We're going to have a huge gathering [after the pandemic].

''I want to have a get-together with all of our friends and family. Cook a big meal, have an evening all together. That'd be great.''

Jennifer hadn't worked in television since making 'The Street' 20 years ago, which she insists wasn't a deliberate move, but she couldn't resist signing up to play Melanie Cavill in sci-fi drama 'Snowpiercer'.

She said: ''It wasn't a statement that I wasn't going to do television. The [right] project hadn't presented itself.

''But I was really drawn into this story and really intrigued by my character. I thought, 'She is challenging and surprising. She's not who we think she is when we first meet her.'''