After months of dithering over casting confirmations, the Fifty Shades of Grey movie makers have finally added another actor to the slowly growing cast credits. British actress Jennifer Ehle has become the latest star to be added to the movie adaptation of EL James' saucy fiction trilogy, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Jennifer Ehle
Jennifer Ehle Is The Latest Name To Be Added To The '50 Shades' Cast.

Ehle, best known for her BAFTA-winning role in the Pride and Prejudice television series, will take the role of Anastasia Steele's mother Carla; a no-nonsense Southern woman who is currently on her fourth husband. The movie will be based on James' often derided "mommy porn" which exploded to the top of bestseller lists worldwide last year.

Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson Will Play Ana Steele.

Dakota Johnson is set to take the role of naïve student Ana Steele who becomes sex slave to a domineering yet dashing billionaire, Christian Grey, who will be played by Charlie Hunnam. Though these two main casting decisions originally received a nasty backlash from disgruntled fans, it seems as though the furore has settled and director Sam Taylor-Johnson and her team are looking forward to creating a block-busting movie.

The film is due for release in August 2014 and it still looks as though the filmmakers will be on a tight schedule to have the movie ready for release next summer after the setbacks.

Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam Has Accepted The Christian Grey Role.

It appears that Ehle was a wise choice for the casting directors: she has proven acting skills and will bring an integrity to the movie that may just save it from B-movie smut. She also looks an awful lot like Dakota Johnson so the mother-daughter relationship will perhaps feel more believable.

Ehle, who will appear in the upcoming Robocop film, has previously appeared in Zero Dark Thirty and Contagion. She is currently shooting for heist movie The Forger alongside John Travolta.