Actress Jennifer Ehle was so upset by her risque nude scenes in her first Tv series The Camomile Lawn she was physically sick.

The Zero Dark Thirty star, who found fame alongside Colin Firth in the Bbc adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, now regrets taking her clothes off on camera as she feels she was too young to deal with the pressure.

Ehle was only 23 when she stripped for the 1992 British series, which also starred her mother Rosemary Harris, and insists she didn't realise the role would require so much nudity.

She tells British newspaper The Sun, "I wish I'd not taken off all my clothes in my first television series, The Camomile Lawn. When I took the job, I did not realise there would be so much nudity. But no one forced me to do it.

"I played the young Calypso and had some very full-on scenes. I went home one day and was physically sick. It never occurred to me that I was too young to deal with it all. I thought I was so grown up, because I had lived on my own for years and years."