Jennifer Grey broke down in tears over Patrick Swayze on 'Dancing With The Stars'.

The actress became emotional when told she would be dancing to the song 'These Arms of Mine' from the movie 'Dirty Dancing', in which she co-starred with Patrick.

In pre-recorded scenes Jennifer was seen explaining to her dance partner Derek Hough, that she was upset about the actor, who died after a long battle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 57 last September.

She explained: "It took me back in a time capsule, and I was with Patrick. I just missed him. He was like you, young and gorgeous."

Jennifer - who received the highest score of the night with 24 out of 30 - revealed yesterday (20.09.10) that she was feeling emotional because she had never danced with anyone besides Patrick before.

She explained to US magazine: "I feel his presence right now very strongly. This week especially, because it's the anniversary of his death. Patrick is the only person I've ever actually danced with before Derek, so it's a pretty intense sense memory."