Fans of the hugely popular romantic sitcom 'Sex and the City' will be very intrigued with what singer/actress Jennifer Hudson has to say about the prospect of a third movie being made, which she hints may become a reality.

Jennifer Hudson
Hudson hinted at a third SATC movie in a recent radio interview

If a third film instalment of the beloved TV series would go forward, the pressure will be on to make a better flick than the second movie, which premiered in 2010. Set in Abu Dhabi instead of New York City, the film was received negatively by critics, bombed at the box office and was slammed by diehard fans, who felt it didn't stick with the TV show's original premise.

"I think it might be [happening]," Hudson told Dish Nation of a third movie in a radio interview. "Somebody just came to me talking about that. So if it's in the talks, it might happen. So look for it. "

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The 'American Idol' alum added, "Look for your girl, Louise from St. Louis!" She is referring to her character she played in the first movie (2008) Louise, who was Carrie Bradshaw's personal assistant.

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The show's star, Sarah Jessica Parker, also added speculation about a third instalment being made during an interview with InStyle magazine in January. "It isn't a decision that can wait forever. I don't want to have to wear muumuus!" A few months later in Cannes, she added, "I think it's a really lovely, wonderful story. But whether or not we tell it remains to be seen."