Straight Outta Compton producer Scott Bernstein is developing a biopic and he has met with the Oscar winner in the hope of signing her up for the film.

The untitled project has reportedly been in the works for several years and will centre on Franklin's meteoric rise through the 1960s and 1970s. It will also detail her relationship with abusive ex-husband Ted White.

Speaking about the planned movie in 2014, Franklin told Billboard, "The singing is certainly going to be a very, very integral and important part of it."

Meanwhile, a 43-year-old Aretha documentary, filmed and then shelved by director Sydney Pollack, is to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada next month (Sep15), and there are also plans to turn her life story into a TV mini-series.

Franklin recently told, "We're very, very close to signatures on one agreement. It's just a matter of our coming to terms and agreeing about what we're doing to do."

And the soul queen admitted that Hudson was on her list of singers to portray herself in an upcoming project, adding, "Right now it could be one of several people. There's always the producers' book, who the producer wants you to consider, and sometimes unknown names."